February 18, 2012

Birthday, links and that's about it.

Happy birthday to me.
It's my birthday today, and I'll be busy with family instead of posting thoughts on the American political and economic landscape.  So, for your Saturday reading pleasure, check out these great pieces:

US Geological Survey: Bakken Black or Man, do we ever have some oil in America!

Verum Serum: Occupy fundraiser leads to vandalism spree.

Conservatives 4 Congress: Romney, earmarks and the Olympics.

Legal Insurrection: Raising the specter of another Bush candidacy?

Scottcarp Dream: An endorsement from battleground Ohio

Gateway Pundit: Obama wrong again on jobs - Caterpillar edition

Chicks on the Right: Maxine Waters demonizing the right - literally.

Michelle Malkin: More sneaky news releases on the Obama Solyndra scandal.

Right Wing News: How to talk on the radio (in case your blog ever gets you mildly famous)

Sean Trende: The dangers of a brokered GOP convention.

Jay Cost: The Continental Divide for the GOP

Race for Justice: Not the separation of Church and State.  It's separation of Church and people

Eccentric/Conservative: Sloganized, simple but accurate and memorable.

All American Blogger: No more guns to Mexico please...

The Republican Mother: At last, a Star Trek metaphor. Tholian Web of regulation.

Mind Numbed Robot: About That Obamacare Attack on Religious Liberty – aka The Birth Control/Abortion Pill Mandate…

Gonzalo Lira: Inflationary undertow prior to the inflationary wave

King Shamus:  Obama, for real, totally has a plan on spending. 


  1. What's the exchange rate these days between Canadian Years and USA Years? :)

    1. Thanks! and I believe the ratio is still 1-1, minus President's Day.

      Anyone reading this, you should definitely also check out Innominatus as well. Another great blog.

    2. Yeah, we definitely have a Minus for a President, every single day.

  2. I have every confidence you will change that in November.


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