April 29, 2024

The economics of immigration explained

Paul Krugman, ersatz leftist economist, being schooled by a real economist, Nobel Laureate Angus Keaton on how immigration hurts wages.  It's a simple matter of supply and demand more supply of labor puts downward pressure on the cost of labor (more supply of something makes it cheaper to purchase). 

Krugman, who puts his leftist ideology first, should know this. It's first year university economics. Krugman just doesn't understand the basics, so everything he spouts is, from an economic standpoint, trash. 

But Angus Keaton goes one step further, and correlates the supply of labor to income inequality - downward pressure on the cost of labor benefits the rich and hurts those at the lower end of the income scale (the poor), whose only real ability to earn income comes from supplying labor. This reduces costs for the wealthy and decreases income for the poor, obviously exacerbating income inequality.

There's a point of equilibrium between supply and demand, which every market, even for the market of labor, seeks to find.  If you are constantly increasing the supply of labor, that equilibrium point keeps shifting, and that shift for the price of labor, is ever downward.

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