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The United States Government is so big, it's impossible to keep track of everything that's going on. In an effort to centralize at least the latest news from various departments, I've set up this page to news briefs and links back to the full briefings/releases.

If you are an intrepid blogger or even a concerned citizen, you can use this page as a resource to keep tabs on your government - or at least some of it.

The following briefings are included here:

The White house

1. White house press briefings

National Security and Justice

2. State Department releases
3. Department of Defense releases
4. Homeland Security releases
5. Customs and Border Protection releases
6. FBI releases
7. Justice Department releases


8. Treasury Department press releases
9. Congressional Budget Office - latest cost estimates
10. Congressional Budget Office - latest publications
11. Bureau of Labor Statistics - latest releases
12. Bureau of Economic Analysis - latest news

Energy and Environment

13. Department of Energy news
14. Environmental Protection Agency latest
15. Department of the Interior news
16. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration releases
17. Department of Agriculture briefs

Social Engineering Departments

18. Housing and Urban Development news
19. Department of Education latest

Population Measurement

20. Census Bureau news

More departments (like the EPA) to be added soon.

(6) FBI

(11) BLS

(14) Environmental Protection Agency:

(15) Department of the Interior:

(16) National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration:

(17) Department of Agriculture:

(18) Housing and Urban Development:

(19) Department of Education:

(20) Census Bureau:

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