May 31, 2010

Obama's Oil Spill Schedule

A video that sums up the Top Priority oil spill;

Two vacations speaks volumes.

Memorial Day - A time to reflect

If freedom does not require your blood, it requires you honor those who sacrifice on your behalf.

May 30, 2010

You own it Mr. President

President Obama seemed prepared to let BP twist in the wind alone on the Gulf oil spill. That is, he was prepared to do so until the Top Kill procedure looked like it might be successful.

Does Obama Want BP To Fail?

A lot of pundits have been watching President Obama and wondering why he seems so ineffectual and or out of touch on the BP oil spill.  A number of reasons have been forwarded - he's tired, he's out of touch with it's importance, he's not in control of the situation, he's ineffective and unprepared.  Let me add one more possibility - he wants BP to fail.

May 29, 2010

Chris Matthews Uses The Oil Spill To Go Stalin

Not every liberal is angry over the oil spill in the way you'd think. Chris Matthews for example may have lost his tingly leg on Obama.  He's angry and he apparently wants a nationalized oil industry plus if I'm not mistaken, death penalties(?);


Seeds of Clinton 2012?

Here's some things for consideration whether 2012 will involve a Hillary surprise.

A Brief History of Early America

A brief video history of colonization of North America and the American Revolution.

May 28, 2010

Politics: Sestak and White House Agree Its No Big Deal

According to the New York Times report, there's nothing to see here;

"President Obama's chief of staff used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary to see if Representative Joe Sestak would drop out of Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate primary if given a prominent, but unpaid, advisory position, the White House said on Friday.

Politics: Yes This Is Obama's Katrina

The President is in real trouble over this oil slick in the Gulf. His inaction has started to raise the ire of Democrats as well as Republicans. While his defenders are quick to point out that BP, not Obama caused the oil slick, the argument, deliberately, misses the point. The fact of the matter is like President Bush, he has been tied to the disaster whether fairly or not and what matters is not who caused it but who is going to solve it.

May 27, 2010

Health Care: Canada's Looming Brick Wall

There's a warning for Americans from a new study on the sustainability Canada's health care system.  That's the single payer type of system many Democrats want to work towards. The Toronto Dominion Bank (provider of economic advice to a number of Canadian governments, federal and provincial) has produced a report on the sustainability of the system and it's not good.

May 26, 2010

50 Experiments: Taxes

Some time ago I posted about the 50 Experiments Theorem and it's impact on health care and on education in America.  It looks like we are going to be seeing an example in the near future,  of two experiments on taxes.  New Jersey versus California and paying down state debt using no tax increases (New Jersey) or billions in new taxes (California, thanks to the Democratic state legislature).  The solutions will take years to work or fail, but no one should forget that this is a great head to head comparison on paying down state debt, or at least stopping the increases by taxation versus a budget freeze.

You know who my money is on.

Al Gore Was Big Oil Before Being Big Green

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is an unfortunate accident and it needs to be cleaned up. Granted.  President Obama is responding with all the swiftness of a one-winged albatross in a wind storm. So be it.  He will suffer a green voter backlash when the time comes. Nut the question that popped into my mind is what does Al Gore have to say about this oil spill?  No really.  Where is the bombastic tirade? You know if this had happened on President Bush's watch Al Gore's head would have exploded with seething rage.  Why hasn't he been on every network lambasting Democrat inaction?  Besides the politically inconvenient truth, maybe Al Gore is rich enough already.

May 25, 2010

Former Clinton Advisor: Sestak is Business as Usual

POLITICO reports that a former Clinton advisor, Doug Sosnik regards the White House job offer to Sestak as "business as usual". Where is a good 10' pole when you need one?
Former President George H. W. Bush’s political director, Ron Kaufman, told the paper that all White Houses make similar political offers. “But here’s the difference — the times have changed and the ethics have changed and the scrutiny has changed,” he told the paper. “When you get out there and say, ‘We’re going to do things totally different, we’re above all this and we’re going to be totally transparent,’ they cause their own problem because they’re not being transparent.”
The fact that both Democrats and Republicans have apparently engaged in this sort of malfeasance, does not excuse it one iota.  This is doubly true for a President who promised transparency and so far has really under-delivered (think the promised health care debates on C-SPAN). He made his transparent bed, now he can lie in it.

Yawner: GOP Proposes $1.3 Trillion in Savings

Yes, that is indeed a yawner. $1.3 trillion in savings is nothing to sneeze at.  In fact it's great!  And it's full of great ideas. As the ever great Ed Morrissey points out, 
Democratic attempts to paint Republicans as the Party of No got a little tougher today with the release of a new plan from the House Republicans on the Budget Committee.  The GOP has demanded spending cuts, and today the group led by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) laid out a preliminary slate of specifics.  If adopted, they predict that they can save over $1.3 trillion over the next ten years. 
Why is it a yawner then?  Because it's still only a  tenth of what's needed. It's just a start. Wake me up when they propose $13 trillion in savings because then we are covering off the $9.76 trillion in new debt between 2011 and 2020 that Obama plans on spending.  That's not my number, that's the CBO's.

I applaud the GOP for their efforts. It's a good start. Sadly however, $1.3 trillion has become a drop in the bucket ocean at this point.

Politics: Sestak's Dilemma

To recap, Joe Sestak claims that he was offered a high ranking job by someone in the Obama administration if he stepped assigned so that Arlen Specter could be re-nominated in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.  That was before Sestak defeated Specter in that primary. Now, like the Red October, he's gone silent.

Politics: The Viability of the Obama Lose-Win Scenario

Every conservative is eager to get to the November mid-term elections this year and stop the train-wreck that is the unbridled Democrat power trip. More importantly, we want to stop the runaway spending, the abject failure of foreign policy, the debt balloon, the pending taxation nightmare, the social decay, the illegal immigration failures and the environmentalist fear-mongering. Conservatives may have an unexpected ally in their desire to defeat House and Senate Democrats this fall - President Obama.

May 24, 2010

Meghan McCain Gets It Wrong...Again

I was just reading Meghan McCain's treatise on Rand Paul and I'd planned to post a rebuttal about her once again proving she just doesn't get it.
But uh, it turns out I really don't care what she thinks.  It might help if she actually got something right once in a while.  But while she's got pedigree and a degree from Columbia she clearly still doesn't get the Tea Party and she comes off as an insider who wants to protect her privilege.  It's as if it doesn't matter at that level if you are Republican or Democrat, just make sure you keep the money in the room where it belongs.  Protect the clique of the rich.  At least that's the impression she continually leaves.

So instead of rebutting her incorrect take on Rand Paul's 'implosion', I'm going to ignore her and not even bother posting a link to her comments.  It's not worth it and ignoring her is my best recommendation to anyone reading. If you really want to read it, it won't be with my help.

SEIU vs Bank of America: Cooler Heads Needed

Cooler heads should prevail on this one.  Hot Air, (apparently as well as Big Journalism and Fox News' Nina Easton) all are covering the story about SEIU thugs protesting outside the home of a Bank of America executive. What transpired resulted in no arrests but it certainly violated standards for decent behavior.  Whatever happened to common decency? It wasn't on display here.

May 23, 2010

Netenyahu: Radical Islam is World's Greatest Danger

Speaking at the 12th world conference of Russian-speaking press in Tel-Aviv, the Israeli Prime Minister had this to say;
“Most of world terrorism originates in radical Islam,” he said, adding that the greatest danger humanity faces is if the most fanatical and violent ideology attains the most destructive tool of terrorism possible – nuclear arms.

“The greatest tragedies to befall the Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian people, occurred when they did not recognize danger in time. I expect all peace-seeking nations to join hands to stop evil,” Netanyahu said.
Contrast that with Eric Holder, who can not only not admit that, but he can't even bring himself to say "radical Islam".

Red Hawaii?

Charles Djou defied the odds and won a special election in Hawaii. He's the first Republican Congressional representative from the state in 20 years. He may have a tougher time of it in November, but to double the GOP vote percentage, regardless of a split Democrat vote, is an amazing accomplishment that can perhaps be built on.

“We have told them that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is overburdened by too much taxes, too much debt and too much wasteful spending.”
 How do you NOT vote for that?

AZ Governor's Immigration Sing-along

For real. It makes a simple point though.

Now if only someone would do an infomercial about liberty or the Constitution.

U.S. Drops Case Against AIG

The Department of Justice declined to comment.

I guess it was just too much of a can of worms for Holder and company.

May 22, 2010

Hit The Water

Some more Saturday Learning Series; Connections 3 from James Burke.  This is Episode 9, Hit The Water. If you haven't bothered to watch any of these please give this one a try. You'll learn something and you might even be intrigued by it.

May 21, 2010

$613 Million Oops!

From the Globe and Mail, a story about a huge art theft that's actually small potatoes compared to some.
A thief stole five paintings possibly worth hundreds of millions of euros, including major works by Picasso and Matisse, in a brazen overnight heist at a Paris modern art museum, police and prosecutors said Thursday...

The intruder entered by cutting a padlock on a gate and breaking a museum window, the Paris prosecutor's office said.

The prosecutor's office initially estimated the five paintings' total worth at as much as $613 million (U.S.) 
 That's pretty brazen.  But it's not as brazen as this;

Oops. That's CRAVEN...

Plus it looks like the art thief actually had a plan.

Friday Musical Interlude - Last One

My very last Friday Musical Interlude.  Michelle by The Beatles.

May 20, 2010

Drop Your Guard, Ditch Your Weapons

Please read this.

Common sense, apparently is no more.

Another Korean War?

Isn't this a timely statement?
"If the (South Korean) enemies try to deal any retaliation or punishment, or if they try sanctions or a strike on us .... we will answer to this with all-out war," Col. Pak In Ho of North Korea's navy told broadcaster APTN in an exclusive interview in Pyongyang.
Timely for President Obama, involved in two wars and a hotly contested Arizona border issue, strained relations with Israel, and Iran acting tough on nukes.  What better way for the President to look weak or unconcerned than to ignore or soft pedal the issue?  Or, if he talks tough, what better way to upset his left base?

And what about North Korea?  We'll sink your ship but if you retaliate, it's war.  Gee, seems like it's war already.

Bennett write-in bid? Okay, I'm mad.

Ousted GOP Senator Utah's Bob Bennett looks like he's pulling a 2010 Charlie Crist, as opposed to a 2009 Arlen Specter. The Hill's Ballot Box reports Bennett is considering a write-in bid. With representatives like these self-serving tools, it's no wonder the GOP lost it's way in the last decade. The idea that their careers are more important than conservative principles is why the GOP lost, it's why they lost personally and yet it's still why they want to return, because to them the choice between country and career is obvious.

May 19, 2010

It Begins: The MSM meme on the primaries

Earlier I predicted where the Mainstream Media would take the discussion on last nights results.  It would seem that I was not incorrect.  Here's some of the headlines today.

Incumbency sir, is a crime (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1)

Rand Paul defeated the establishment Republican in Kentucky in what is largely seen as a victory for the Tea Party movement.  This could be spun as anti-incumbency but it isn't.  It's anti-Big Government.  The Tea Party is many things but the one common theme is trying to re-capture some fiscal sanity.  So the win by Rand Paul is a victory for that idea.  Democrats currently personify the antithesis of that idea.  Ironically, the spin continues.

Incumbency sir, is a crime...

...or so it would seem.  Last night there were a number of interesting developments in primaries and an important special election. From Kentucky to Arkansas to Pennsylvania, results seemed to be be tailor-made to the Democrat, and soon to be mainstream media talking points about the mood of the country being anti-incumbency rather than anti-Democrat or anti-Obama.  The talking points will eventually transition from that to the fact that the Tea Party is losing steam.  But that's not what's really happening.

May 18, 2010

Michael Posner - Who is this guy???

Michael Posner recently apologized to China over the human rights abuses of Arizona's new immigration law.  Obsequious in it's snivelling. Pretentious in it's holier-than-thou self-deprecation. Plus the guy just looks snotty.  So who is he?

Maurice Strong - Socialist or Communist

Recently Glenn Beck focused on Maurice Strong and asked for some feedback on him. As a refresher, here's a clip of that show.

Democrat Lied About Vietnam, But Claims He's Honest

This goes beyond being uncool.  This is just disgusting.

"I served in Vietnam".

"At least you're honest".  Wow.

If you can't sit through this scroll forward to about 3:20.

Or at least he claims others have made that claim. Or something.

May 17, 2010

PA12 - Vote for Tim Burns

I'm just saying, unlike former President Bill Clinton, that you follow your gut instinct and vote for this guy tomorrow.  And if you aren't in PA12 but know someone there, call and tell them to go vote for Burns.  Conservatives can win this one, and it would be a big win, just like Scott Brown was.  So do your thing. Do what you gotta do...

Less sick than a dog

Earlier today I posted about being as sick as a dog today.  Here's an update.  Having no desire to spend hours in a clinic or my doctor's office (if I could have gotten an appointment) or an emergency room (because it's 'free' so why not?), I just came home after work.  It turns out my body knows how to fight off an infection on it's own.  The fever is going down, and the earache is gone.  I still have a bad cold, but at least I didn't spend the last 4 hours in a waiting room with an $8 dry sandwich as my dinner.

Free health care - it's just awesome! /sarc

Thousands of Bees Swarm White House

According to The Hill, thousands of bees swarmed the White House today.
A swarm of "thousands of bees" gathered outside the White House this morning.

The small army of insects hovered as Obama tried to leave the White House to play basketball at Fort McNair, according to a pool report.

By the time the president returned at noon, the bees were apparently nowhere in sight.
I'm not surprised - there hasn't been an A or an A+ in the White House for some time now.  And by the looks of it the bees cleared out too.  The President is down to the C's now.

Sick as a Dog

Sorry readers, I'm under the weather today with a really bad cold and what seems to be an ear infection and an upset stomach. I don't think I'll be able to post much today.  But there's good news - because I have free expensive government funded health care here in Canada, I will be leaving work early to go spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours in a clinic, to wait to see a doctor for 3 to 6 minutes, and get a prescription for an anti-biotic that I already know I need.  I will then proceed to take it for 70% of the prescribed period because I will forget to take it for the duration.  That's because my employer-provided drug plan combined with the free doctor visit  made the whole thing pretty much cost free and therefore it won't seem that important to follow the prescribed regimen.  So I'll feel better but I'll be contributing to the super-bug problem.  That's good news, isn't it? 

May 16, 2010

Greece Just Made It Personal

It's one of the ultimate acts of denial of responsibility of all time. Bloomberg is reporting that Greece is considering legal action against U.S. banks for possible contributory effect to the Greek financial crisis.  This after the European Union and the International Monetary Fund agreed to lend Greece $1 trillion to avert the crisis.  That might seem a little ungrateful, especially since the IMF money comes in some measure from the United States. Does Greece have a claim?  Ultimately, who is responsible for the failures of the Greek economy?

May 15, 2010

Throwing It All Away

A belated Friday Musical Interlude, since the clock is running down on posting them, better late than never.

Fire From The Sky

Courtesy of JamesBurkeWeb, here's more in the series of Connections from James Burke, which traces the history of human advancement in a truly unique way. For more in this and other historical narratives, including the likes of Milton Friedman, search this blog for "Saturday Learning Series".

May 14, 2010

Republican Governance Mistakes

Back in 1994 the GOP came to power with a lot of enthusiasm, hope and a will to create change after decades of Democrat rule in the legislative branch of government.

With that Democrat hegemony of power, that at times extended to the executive branch as well, a number of traits were sure to develop regardless of the level of sincerity of Democrats to serve the nation. After decades a sense of entitlement develops. There becomes a sense that the government really is a single party government and the opposition is mere window dressing or a prop or a place to wrangle some votes during internal party legislative power struggles.

May 13, 2010

No Adult Left Behind

President George W. Bush had the 'No Child Left Behind Act'.  Now the New York Times is ruminating about employees who have been laid off and are not likely to get jobs again - ever.  That is certainly an issue.  The problem is the New York Times, very liberal solution to the problem.

Climate Change On Jupiter - Our Fault?

The plant Jupiter is about 500 hundred million miles away from earth, but it's still suffering from the effects of man made global warming.  Mail Online reports that one of the giant dark atmospheric bands on the planet has disappeared.

Even on Jupiter man has caused catastrophic atmospheric change.  That's because climates can't possibly change on their own with a force that dwarfs the comparative impact of humanity. Nope, it had to be us.  Just ask Al Gore if you want 'definitive' proof.

May 12, 2010

That Danish Cartoonist ATTACKED By Muslims!

Lars Vilks, the Danish Swedish cartoonist artist who was threatened with death by Muslims for unflattering drawings of Mohammed, was quite literally attacked by Muslims in this chilling video in Uppsala (in his native Sweden).

The notations are in Swedish.

Shocker: Democrats Want One More Big Spending Bill

If you are shocked that Democrats, want to squeeze in one more massive spending bill before the elections, go back to your Xbox (until December).  If you find the $200 billion price tag humdrum, you are still suffering from sticker shock from all those trillion dollar agenda items Democrats have paraded before you.  $200 billion in more spending is the last thing these phony pay-go partiers need to foist upon America.

One more Obama hypocrisy - Xbox

The sheer political genius of slamming the must haves of your core constituency is one thing, but hypocrisy is well, par for the course now. 

Tea Party Santelli redux

House Republican Leader John Boehner has an excellent post on, about the latest Rick Santelli outburst. Rick Santelli, you might remember last year was the inspiration, or at least the spark for the Tea Party movement. On CNBC, Santelli unloaded Democrat Rep. Paul Kanjorski. It was a simple, irrefutable argument.

May 11, 2010

John McCain - False Conservative.

Have you seen John McCain's new ad on the border fence? Call it opportunism or leadership by polling, McCain is talking tough on border security today. Just because he's up against a challenger in his primary, he's tacked a lot further to the right than usual. But is it real?

May 10, 2010

Herd Mentality on Wall Street

The Dow Jones is soaring today - up at last check over 400 points.  This is all because of the Euro $1 trillion bailout of Greece. The Wall Street Journal captures the sense of momentum.
NEW YORK—U.S. blue-chip stocks barreled toward their biggest one-day point gain of the year on Monday as a new nearly $1 trillion bailout package to help stabilize Europe lured investors back into riskier assets.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 350 points, or 3.4%, to 10732 in early trading, on pace for its biggest one-day gain of the year.
There - it's all fixed. The underlying problem of profligate Greek spending on an unsustainable model, all fixed too. Right? Otherwise the market that was dropping last week would not have found some new buoyancy. And now President Obama can claim that the underlying market fundamentals are sound. No doubt, thanks to him.

This herd mentality in the rush to bid up prices based on a solution just seems a little premature.

May 9, 2010

Krugman - Ever Entertaining

If you don't see the humor in the twisting and turning of Paul Krugman on the economy to try to make reality fit his Keynesian vision you'll just want to rip your hair out.

Sunday Reading Riches

Today, a wealth of Sunday Reading - not in quantity but in quality.

A Conservative Teacher muses on the President's duty to reconnect Americans with nature.

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) muses on the left's lack of economic knowledge.

Hot Air looks at the Pentagon telling Congress to cut it out with the troop pay raises.

Right Condition sees a return of economic woes.

A J Strata graphs out what you already instinctively know - unemployment is still bad. The analysis is worth a read. The reminder about the census hirings alone is worth it.

Verum Serum distills the AP fact check of the White House "from Day One" mantra on the oil spill.

From Wizbang, The Tea Part versus Republican Senator Bennett proves it isn't business as usual in politics.

I thought Michael Steele was turning invisible the last little while. Apparently not.

May 8, 2010

Saturday Learning Series continues

James Burke takes us to A Special Place via a walk through history.  The Connections 3 series continues from last week's Elementary Stuff.

May 7, 2010

Friday Musical Interlude - A Three-For-One

Since the Friday musical interludes will be ending soon, I thought I'd include three today. Enjoy.

Got a favorite of these three? Leave a comment.

Germany votes to pay Greece. Doom to follow.

There's some Euro-socialism for you - Americans didn't want to bail out their own banks or car companies yet Germany decides to bail out super-socialist Greece. The same Greece wherein people are rioting to not give up their cushy government subsidized lifestyles.

U.S. Unemployment rises to 9.9% - the real story

Despite better than expected job creation of 290,000 the unemployment numbers rose. Are job seekers looking to get back into the job market after having given up?

It might actually turn out that a recovery drives up unemployment rates short term. A recovery plus bad news for Democrats? Sweet. But don't get too excited too fast - the media will spin the jobs created side very hard.

May 6, 2010

Dow cover up?

There was a massive intra-day - nearly 1000 points - drop on the Dow today, before the 'recovery' to a 300 point loss. It was the biggest since 1987. It is being blamed on...a typo?

An honest mistake? Has that ever happened before? Or is it Dow revisionism. Dow points saved or created.

It sounds "Fishy". Contact the Obama website and report something fishy.

Don't panic - the earth isn't ending.

On my other blog "The Uncool Whip", a post about the coming death of all of the world's rain forests and the ensuing destruction of bio-diversity and ergo mankind.  We're all DOOMED! Doomed they say!  Too bad (for them) that it's just more hysteria.

May 5, 2010

"Best Of" posts

Looking for the Best Of my posts?

Probably not, but in case you were, go


It's organized by category for you because I'm nice like that.

Contessa Brewer vs. OMG Cat

Contessa Brewer is frustrated that the New York City car bomber was a Muslim.

There are lots of ways to react, but this sums it up best:

Oil prices are dropping

Oil is down to $80 this morning. That's about $5 down in two days. The cause is rumored to be worries over Greek debt. Does this mean that a European recession is coming? Possibly. And just like an American recession, a downturn in Europe could have global implications.

Yesterday I wrote about how some important analysts are predicting a coming end to the construction bubble in China. Chinese goods are shipped to Europe just like the U.S. So this could accelerate that scenario.

The ripples from all of this could reach back to the U.S. That means a double dip recession is still entirely possible.

May 4, 2010

90 Names To Know - The Conservative Target List

Jim Geraghty made the list, and I'm sure he checked it more than twice.  This list, right now, is the best compilation of on-the-bubble Congressional Democrats that can be beaten in November.  I strongly urge you to read it.

Your job?  See if your Congressional Representative is on here and then figure out what you can do to help conservatives and the GOP take back Congress.  If your rep is listed here - it's going to take more than money, you're going to have to volunteer time and effort to work to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) or engage those who are as of yet undecided.  If your rep isn't listed, consider making donations to Republican candidates that are opposing these vulnerable candidates.

Lessons for America from China and Greece

China: The New Economy.  The next economic superpower.  Maybe not.

Peace Through Weakness

Hillary Clinton - tough guy.  Don't forget, she did come under fire in Tuzla Bosnia, as seen here.

What does DAY 1 mean exactly, at the White House?

A great clip on how Team Obama was all over the oil spill from Day 1.  Of course by "all over" I mean all over the media...

Just because my blog mentions green energy

Just because my blog mentions green energy doesn't mean I think it is a worthwhile investment.  But it's gotten some green energy investments ads on my web site.  Odd, since I'm not a proponent of "green" anything.  While keeping the planet clean is not a bad thing, I'm pro-drilling, pro-nuclear, pro-energy-independence for America. 

May 3, 2010

Didn't You Know? Obama already solved the oil spill.

No reason to panic - nothing to see here folks.  Problem solved.

Uncool is uncool, regardless of degree

I'm deliberately stepping on the line of political correctness to make a point.

This is a lighter shade of uncool.

Please note my metaphor is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to skin color.  It's about shades of uncoolness.  Given that when I said Charlie Crist was uncool, there was no comparison to George Hamilton, this might seem deliberately racist in that light - but only to the thin-skinned.  However, the metaphor is only about relative uncoolness.

In this case - slightly less liberal, is still liberal. Not cool.

Sedition in Immigration

At about 2 minutes into this video from SecularStupidest, the frightening real motivation behind the some of the Immigration Protest movement.

Far be it from me to equate protest with unlawfulness.  I'm no Janeane Garafalo thankfully. But there is a real agenda here to spread anti-capitalism anti-Americanism amongst an adoptive citizen population.  By getting the lawful immigrants onside with an anti-American agenda, via the immigration debate, the true spirit of American freedom is being diminished in the eyes of a voting block that hopes to reshape the country in the same way that does President Obama.

That is not unlawful. But it is deceitful in that it is part of the agenda that is being surreptitiously pushed. And it is, in the context of that pamphlet, it's hard not to see it as sedition. These stones must not be left unturned, as grievances are corrupted and twisted into mindless support of a radical manifesto.

The Obama strategy: simmer, let cool, serve.

There has to be no other explanation for the Obama approach to the mid-term elections. The whole notion that he wanted Democrats to fall on their swords for him, the Great One Term President, makes little sense. Does anyone really believe that his sole issue was health care reform? Cap and trade hasn't passed. Immigration reform is stirring up and the long march towards socialism that started as a sprint still has a long way to go. In other words - he can't be done. Not yet.

That means he still needs Democrats in Congress or he will be the longest sitting lame duck President on record. Having stirred the conservative base into a froth, what's President Obama's recipe for a successful mid-term election?

May 2, 2010

Sunday Reading

Some Sunday reading while I'm busy driving most of the day...

NPR reports that John Boehner, GOP leader in Congress, vows that with a majority in Congress after November, the Republicans will work to repeal the new health care law.

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico offers no real reason to stop offshore drilling. Sarah Palin agrees with me. How's that for hubris? Oops, am I being hypocritical?

May Day is the day for protests supporting illegal aliens??? Oh, the irony.  Kevin Jackson at the Black Sphere talks sense about it. And Michelle Malkin tracks it very well.

Robert S. McCain (The Other McCain) notices that Fred Thompson notices and connects the dots - sort of...

From Gateway Pundit - what on earth is GOP Chair Michael Steele still doing opening his mouth???  That is not a racist question it's a qualification question.

Sean McNeal at AnnoyTheLeft needs to post more.  Quality blog, I miss the posts.

Unicorn Meat??? Why not. Another good blog.

Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot - Don't Get Cocky, in two parts. Good news for Republicans.  Now don't get cocky.

Newsmax hits on the Obama fight against the new campaign finance rules.

Eminent Domain used against...the Federal Government? Christian Science Monitor reports on the brewing battle.

May 1, 2010

Kentucky Derby pick

Ice Box. It's just a hunch.

Horses are amazing to watch.

UPDATE: 2nd place and Super Saver, my second pick, came first. Not bad.

Saturday Learning Series - Elementary Stuff

James Burke continues his trek through history in the series Connections 3, with Elementary Stuff.  This is the 6th episode - previously, episode 5 was Life Is No Picnic.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Next up - A Special Place
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