January 31, 2021

January 30, 2021

Wall Street Elite's Manipulation

Wall Street and the political class are all in this together, and against everyone else.  They've stacked the deck against you and I.  Is it over for them?  It's naïve to think they won't try to come up with something else but the question is whether it's too late.

January 29, 2021

The solution is simple - Ban Twitter

This is not a cancel culture thing. In fact, it should just be called Cancel Cult.  Rather, why would I support a platform publisher (Twitter) that selectively decides who can and cannot use their service, AND, does it so very poorly. This weekend I am going to close my Twitter account.  It's about as useful to me as is a cancelled Parler.  I'd rather wait for Parler to re-emerge than use Twitter.

It's awful:

January 28, 2021

Gamestop rebellion is because TRUMP. So says CNN.

Gamestop is a classic David and Goliath story.  CNN blames it on Trump.  No, really.  In case you missed it, here's what the Gamestop saga is all about as explained (well) by David Knowles, along with an explanation of what CNN is saying.  

As you watch this, keep in mind, hedge funds managers are very rich typically and they typically work for the super rich.  These are insider elites who don't want anyone but themselves prospering.  They are in it for themselves, and screw the little guy as collateral damage in the process.  So seeing them take a hit is like watching Nancy Pelosi being frog-marched away by the FBI.  In other words, it's great fun.

Hedge fund managers have been known to pick a stock, short sell it and then go trash it on CNBC (or similar outlet) in order to tank the stock price (hurting the company and its workers in the process) in order to cover their short-sell position for a tidy profit.  The guys on Reddit noticed a pattern to this and were  reacting to it.

Michael Knowles explains more:  

More on the CNN side of the story:

January 26, 2021

Some good news for a change; Texas stops Not-My-President

 Texas AG Ken Paxton hit's XXX's Executive Order with a lawsuit:


Walkaway founder arrested

 Brandon Straka, founder of the Walkaway movement has been arrested by the FBI because, politics.

Sham of an impeachment

Let's hope this makes it onto say CNN or even Fox.  This impeachment is not a sham, it's the LATEST SHAM by the Democrats and their complicit media.

Thank you Rand Paul for pointing it out.

January 24, 2021

January 23, 2021

An "I'm busy, no-title" post

This week has been a busy week for me and I haven't been able to post much at all.  Unfortunately I haven't lost track of the news cycle, which means I'm up to speed on all of the buffoonery of the current president and his cabal in the congress and senate.  This is the beginning of years of stupid decisions.

Not my president I'm more than happy to report. Even my ultra-liberal Prime Minister here in Canada is peeved at the ...you know, the guy.  The guy whose name I will not speak. 

As I continue to be very busy at work, I'm happy to say I still have a job. Unfortunately it means fewer posts for the short term.  And it flies in the face of my goal for the year of trying to post more essay type content.  But I'll try to continue as best I can until time is more permitting than it is right now.

For now, some common sense from Dinesh D'Souza:

January 20, 2021

Dark Days Indeed

America had a president who did amazing things for the country - record low unemployment in multiple demographics, peace deals between Arab nations and Israel, tax cuts, three Supreme Court appointments, deregulation from crippling rules for small businesses,  and border security just to name a few things.  I have lived through 10 presidents now (11 as of today), and up until president Trump, non held a candle to the great achievements of Ronald Reagan.  Throughout president Trump's administration, I was loathe to compare the two men.  Donald Trump was a great president, and his accomplishments are especially stark in light of the unrelenting hatred from the left - three attempts at impeachment in four years (Russia, Ukraine and this latest one).  Imagine what he could have 

Does he rate ahead of Reagan in my eyes now?  In some areas yes, in others no.  They were the two greatest presidents of my lifetime, I admire both men in different ways and for different reasons.  I don't want to compare them because of that.  It's like picking your favorite child.  Some might be okay doing that, not me.  Nevertheless president Trump deserves our appreciation and he has mine to the fullest extent.  Seeing him leave the White House for the final time is a sorrowful moment.

It's worse than that though. The incoming president has 17 Executive Orders ready to go, most of them likely, undoing the work of the president.  We are headed into dark days for the United States.  There are lockdowns in the Capitol to 'protect' the new president.  The party of the politics of personal destruction, and national destruction has control of the presidency, the congress and the senate.  Big Tech is de-platforming any conservative voice of any substantial size.  News media and Hollywood and educational institutions are predominantly onboard with the coming agenda.  Those who stand in opposition they want to deprogram (i,e. re-educate) or keep from working.

The agenda itself will decimate the energy independence that president trump achieved for the first time in many decades.  It will allow illegal immigration to flourish. It will cripple small business.  It will do what it can to silence opposition voices. Unemployment will rise.  Crime will rise. Political correctness will surge to new levels.  The political process will be further corrupted and the institutions themselves will be plugged with rabid radical liberals bent on repeating the corruption of the Obama administration where the IRS targeted conservative political groups.  COVID lockdowns.

Dark Days indeed.  But do not despair.  Now is the time to go to work against this dark tide. The incoming leader is Not My President (easy for me to say from Canada. Nevertheless his predecessors I thought of as all legitimate, even the ones I did not like).  Let's make him a one term president.  Let's not mention him by name.  And let's go to work.  President Trump's legacy will not be one of racism and corruption as they would have you believe.  It will be one of incredible achievements and the light to a path back to American Greatness. The only way to return to that path is to not expect others to do it for you - a welfare state of politics if you will.   You must do it yourself.  You must think tactically as if you were a Soros-funded liberal progressive and work hard at making things change.  Peacefully, but with firmness and intent.

And now is the time.  Why would president Trump bother to come back in 2024 if you don't make a difference before then.  It was enough of a headache the first time around.  Do you think he wants to come back to more of that, despite his love of country? No. Voting is not enough.  Organize. Work hard.  Not just for president Trump but for your country -- The time is now.

January 17, 2021

Some final thoughts on today's videos

Brandon Vogt interviews Bishop Robert Barron after his talk with Jordan Peterson to get some of the Bishop's thoughts on what transpired:

I discovered Bishop Robert Barron today, quite by accident.  His videos were interesting and made me reflective, so I thought they were worth sharing.  It was especially true after I saw him talking with several people I admire intellectually.  My hope is that anyone watching them were moved to think about the matters being discussed more deeply as well. 

Jordan Peterson interviews Bishop Robert Barron

Back in 2019 as Jordan Peterson was somewhere earlier on his journey towards belief, interviewed Bishop Robert Barron.

"A priest, a rabbi and a comedian walk into a YouTube studio..."

 A discussion on spirituality between David Rubin, Bishop Robert Barron and Rabbi David Wolpe:

Ben Shapiro talks with Bishop Robert Barron

 Rational discourse, how to arrive at God, and the Catholic church of today. 

Ideas have consequences, especially philosophical ones

 I'm going to provide a few posts today on religion (along with usual the Sunday verse) and how it relates to our day to day life. A philosophical take on where we are at today and how we got here:

Sunday verse

 A sermon today, instead of just a verse:

January 16, 2021

January 15, 2021

Front Page Friday - An alternative to the deletions on the horizon?

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss a developing alternative to the Internet's biggest problem - Big Tech Overlordship and selective deletion of opposing voices:

January 14, 2021

Deletion hits self-described centrist Tim Pool

The crackdown on liberty continues, unabated.  Perhaps even accelerated. Facebook is going after Tim Pool.

January 13, 2021

The deletions are growing.

Things are steamrolling ahead. They are getting worse by the day.  Now YouTube is blocking president Trump now.

They want to put prominent Republicans on the No Fly list.

Prominent Republicans are being censored on Facebook:

It's hard not to think this is the beginning of the Great Reset. It might not be.  But if it isn't it is a Democrat party and government beaurocracy bent on revenge and convinced they are enabled by 90% of the American public.  As the deletions grow, so does the anger.  Democrats are blindly playing with fire as they enflame suspicion and frustration.

January 11, 2021

2021 -- the year of the delete

I wrote about this earlier today.  Freedom-loving Americans (as well as those in other countries with similar views), are facing an existential crisis.  You are next especially if your name is Candace Owens:

Twitter is a cesspool and Parler is gone. You are next.

Try Gab,  they have their own infrastructure, or are at least working on it.  This coordinated attack on free speech is absolutely horrifying.  Soon, anyone opposing the Big Brother, social justice worldview, will not be able to share their opinion.  This is as anti-American as it gets.

They will try to distract you with talk of reconciliation as they take away your liberties.  

Big Tech, Big Media, and the government are all aligned.  Half of the country is already hypnotized into thinking that this is all a good thing that this is positive progress.  Those are useful idiots.  The rest of the country is systematically being shut out of any opportunity to oppose the agenda, any opportunity to even talk about it.  Disagreement will not be tolerated.

The Great Reset is nigh.

I know that sounds alarmist.  I can see myself typing it into my blog in disbelief.  I'm not a conspiracy nut.  But here's the thing. Evidence.  In addition to Parler, the #WalkAway movement is in the process of being cancelled. There are too many nest steps happening right now to ignore them.

Suppose I am wrong and there is no throwing us all in jail or re-education camps commencing (and no, I don't actually believe it's going that far), what is happening is still a threat to Democracy.  If they can shut down the right, they can shut down the left and they have set themselves up for a future where they can potentially silence everyone.

Chairman Mao would be proud.

I'm not suggesting insurrection.  I'm suggesting you get the word out to anyone who will still listen, and you do it right now.  This takeover and crushing of free speech is an affront to everything for which America stands.  If free speech dies, liberty dies, America dies.  And after that, anyone they want dies too.

January 10, 2021

Jordan Peterson talks with Matthew McConaughey

An atypical Hollywood star, with a brain, Matthew McConaughey sits down for an interview/discussion  with Jordan Peterson.

Sunday verse


January 9, 2021

Google targets conservative social network Parler

 Parler has been removed from the Google app store in yet another attempt to shut down free speech.

January 8, 2021

Front-Page Friday: Coup D'Etat

My Friday Musical Interlude is dead.  There's no time for that anymore.  I'm planning on doing longer form essay type posts this year.  Finally.  I've been wanting to do so for some time, in order to add more value but I've not been able to do so.  However, since I will not be able to do so every day, I will replace the Friday Musical Interlude with a link-around to an important post or video that follows the same principle and deals with a more contemporaneous focus.

Today, Tim Pool discusses whether the storming of the Capitol was a coup d'etat. (Spoiler, anybody with any amount of common sense will say no).

January 7, 2021

Things just got a lot tougher

Democrats appear to have 'won' the two Georgia seats.  I'm not sure where this massive, highly localized (Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) Democrat voter turnout came from and I suspect it's mainly dead and phantom voters.  Regardless, the job of conservative patriots just got a lot tougher.  Democrats now enjoy the presidency and both houses of congress.  That is really bad news.  Expect them to warp-speed through inane legislation and do significant damage to the country in their efforts to not only undo president Trump's legacy, but also drag the country much further left.  

Many Americans will be dragged kicking and screaming (as witnessed in the Capitol yesterday), many simply trying to fight it, and many just blindly following along believing the Democrats have the best interest of the country at heart.  WRONG.  They don't have hearts, they just play that on TV.  They are self-serving and vile criminals, and that is what we are up against.


I've heard a lot of chatter about a third party.  That's about the worst thing that can happen on the right-leaning side of the political ledger. In-fighting between say a Patriot party or a Libertarian party and the GOP dooms America to decades of progressive rule.  Take Canada as an example.  We've been through this exact scenario.  After multiple decades of  Liberal Party rule, with one brief Conservative Party stint in the 1980's coinciding with the Reagan-Thatcher era of geopolitics, Liberal Party domination of the Canadian political landscape seemed inevitable and eternal. It caused a split and a Reform Party was born.  It was Canada's version of MAGA. It was born in 1987 during a 'conservative' era. It was a populist party borne of frustration at liberal conservatives (think establishment-GOP or RINOs).  For over a decade, they split conservative votes with the traditional Conservative Party, adding another decade to the Liberal party hegemony. The country swung far further left during that time.

It wasn't until the Reform Party and Conservative Party merged that they became a powerful force that led to a decade of strong conservative leadership of the country.

You are a conservative, learn from history and improve upon it, not repeat its mistakes.  The idea of a third party is fine if America had time to waste on in-fighting and an eventual reconciliation of the two right-leaning entities.  It doesn't though. You are the leader of the free world and you do not have time to mess around while the Democrats take the country further down the path of socialism.

A third party though is the answer.  What you want to foment is a split between liberals and progressives - two left-leaning parties vying for the liberal and radical vote, splitting those votes and  ensuring that a populist slate of candidates has an easier path to victory. That's what we want, not the reverse.  

Democrats have done a great job infiltrating government, big tech, education and even seemingly the ranks of RINO Republicans. We have not done anything similar with the possible exception of Project Veritas.  It's time we start influencing the Left's behavior and sew discord among the ranks.  It's time we peel off some potential DINOs like Joe Manchin.  He won't be a strong Republican, but we need the votes. These are just some preliminary thoughts, there's more to come, soon. I promise.

January 6, 2021

Short term thinking - Part 3 - Will Capitalism Destroy Itself?

Will capitalism as it has currently evolved into a very significant focus on short term thinking, be able to compete with communist China where they at least work with 5 year plans and with projects like the Belt and Road Initiative take a very long term view? 

Long term thinking beats short term thinking every time - in the long run of course. But Capitalism itself is not destined or mandated to work under a short term thinking model.  That's a product of it's current iteration.  That has not always been the case.

The purpose of capitalism is to provide anyone the opportunity to respond to market needs, in a competitive environment, to allow the development of solutions to serve those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Those that respond the best will be rewarded with success.  Those who do not respond effectively will fail.

The market will move quickly. Options will become available quickly.  That's the advantage of capitalism. Central planning mandates a specific solution that may not be the best one. It's the only one though. It might be fast too, but there's no guarantee the marketplace will resolve what works.  With capitalism, what survives longer term is generally the best option.  What emerges at first probably gets improved upon either by the innovator or else a shrewd and hungry competitor.

That's the inherent advantage of capitalism over communism, socialism, feudalism, or any other form of governance; it leaves the market (i.e. everyone) free to make up their own minds and whatever serves the general good best, evolves as the winner. Capitalism is always subject to change.

But that is capitalism in general.  Somehow it evolved into short term thinking - annual bonuses, quarterly reports, news releases designed to sway perception of value. Human nature is the problem; the quick win, the short cut to victory (cheating, get rich quick schemes, crony capitalism whereby business and government work together to keep each other enriched or in power, even  pyramid schemes and Enron).  These things are not capitalism, they are not even a byproduct of capitalism but rather the result of human nature. Other systems have their own inherent issues that result from human nature and those might take a different form.  Not always - socialism and communism and monarchies are all as susceptible to corruption as is capitalism.

At least with capitalism you are allowed to think about what needs correction. It's pretty much human nature. Dominic Barton discusses the need for long term thinking and how it can be fixed.

The long term lens is the correct lens.  But implementing it does not resolve human nature and the desire to take short cuts.  All capitalism can do is try to work it's way through the potential short cuts and try to prevent them.  But the human nature component will never disappear. Just as we find new ways to thwart money laundering, new ways to money launder get developed.  It's a cycle that will repeat forever. Dominic Barton correctly points out that business does not need government to impose a solution.  Yes, some regulation is necessary, but business governance should as much as possible be left to business, and the marketplace that govern it.  That's the inherent advantage of capitalism and it should be leveraged, not eschewed.

January 5, 2021

Short term thinking - Part 2 - More big examples

Yesterday I started a series on Short term thinking that included Netflix because it is a recent example of how Short term thinking undercuts capitalism (as well as other things).  But there are other examples as well.  Before I continue with other aspects of the dangers of short term thinking I wanted to include some other examples because it's important that people understand, what Netflix is doing is not an isolated example.  This is a common problem with a common and undesired result.

Kodak, Blockbuster, Xerox are a few examples of companies that had an advantage that they squandered. But MySpace is a great example of trying to be quicker to market than potential competitors like Facebook, but in the process, limiting your own longer term potential by avoiding using open source code:

There are of course other examples.  Many of the ones in the below video offer other reasons for business failures, such as lack of vision, there are examples like Schlitz that clearly are a result of short term thinking.

Whether the short term thinking is to please investors or to squeeze as much profit out of a drying up revenue stream or some other reason does not matter.  The fact is that short term thinking is often fatal. Obviously not always; the stock market is dominated by companies releasing their latest quarterly results.  These companies do not all die off. True.  But many do die and are replaced by others.  Just because they do not all die off at once, does not mean they won't eventually die as a result of their short term thinking.  It's practically inevitable that companies die off.  That happens for a number of reasons - not responding to changing market conditions, not respecting their customers, prioritizing immediate profit over long term growth.   

But when you look at it objectively, all of those reasons come down to short term thinking. Do companies that rise do so by not putting customers first?  Do they start by something other than responding to market needs (i.e. changing market conditions)?

Short term thinking is deadly for business. It's deadly for individuals as well, and for governments as we will see in future episodes.

January 4, 2021

Short Term Thinking - Part 1 - The Netflix example

One of the major problems with capitalism in it's current format, is short term thinking.  As is so often the case in capitalism, short term gain is chased at the expense of longer term well being or perhaps even greater profit.  This is likely tied to the dividend cycle and executive bonus structure, all designed to maximize profit as quickly as possible.

In the past this often manifested itself in harmful ways such as companies polluting without concern, treating employees as assets without concern for their safety (leading to onerous government oversight and difficult restrictions) or reasonable rates of pay (leading to the rise of unions, who did the same short term thinking in response and often stifled company long term viability), or not doing due diligence in safety testing (think Ford Pinto).

As these problems metastasized into bigger problems and led to reactions that dealt, often ineffectively, with the issues, business of course responded in kind to the reactions.  More pay and more regulation led to offshoring of jobs (the long term outcome potentially being the destruction of the consumer market as jobs vanished).  Of course consumer protection safety was more difficult to deal with and sometimes business had to put up with not being harmful to the general populace. Grudgingly.  The reaction to this in the West was of course BREXIT and MAGA.  National self-interest to bring jobs back was key driver on both those cases.  

But there are of course caveats to this.  Firstly not all businesses in capitalist countries are motivated by short term profit. Small mom and pop shops are by necessity, driven by the need to be viable long term.  People are personally invested in the success.  Corporate investors are driven by the quick-hit rate of return.  If your company is returning 8% on the stock purchaser investment and the business across the street, which doesn't even have to be a direct competitor is returning 25%, where do you think investors are going to flock?

There are ways to deal with this.  Capitalism itself is not the problem just as socialism is not the solution (as I will show later in this series). The application and management of a capitalist system is what needs to be addressed.

Despite all the corporate wokeness that is going on now, companies stumbling over themselves to show how great they are as global citizens, the short term thinking problem is not going away.  Netflix is a great example:

January 2, 2021

A question for globalists before we are all in thrall to China

I'm still free to ask at this point in 2021. America is still just barely, a free country. So I have just one question that I need to ask.   If you can offer me an explanation, I'm willing to at least listen.  If you are a globalist, a Democrat, a global warming fanatic, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, mainstream media or anyone else who is against the idea of America First, please answer this question:


Why is it so vital that we shut down American enterprise from small business all the way to but excluding the tech giants, and move all of the jobs that support that off shore to China ( a bigger polluter, a totalitarian state, a deceitful and voracious government bent on capturing all the world's resources and wealth)? Why are you gladly locking down businesses but allowing Black Lives Matter the same freedoms you are trying to deny Christian churches?

Is it to prevent global warming? Is it the cheap labor, even cheaper than illegal immigrants? Is it your hatred for the capitalist system that has removed hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and provided individual liberty where no other system has? Is it to indefinitely propagate a war machine for profit? Is it something else?

And as a corollary what justifies your fanatical devotion to this idea?  Are you already enslaved to China and at this point doing their bidding, wittingly or unwittingly? Are you so rabidly anti-individual that liberty seems like a terrible idea to you? Are you so racist that you believe America was founded and prospered as a racist nation that it must be destroyed? Have you not seen how inclusive America is compared to nations like China and many, many others?

Or have you simply sold your soul for wealth or personal gain of some sort and you truly do not care what you are tearing down so long as you get yours?  That's not capitalism, it's avarice.  Avarice is not a capitalist trait, it's an immoral trait that exists outside of politics and is present worldwide. So it's not something you can fairly pin on capitalism.

Is it a desire to destroy a nation that so desires liberty it has subverted the spiritual leanings of it's own majority to the defense of other religions, it's own standards to the inclusiveness of minorities? No other nation has allowed itself and it's raison d'etre to be so perverted in the name of furthering justice. It's done so at the cost of it's core principles sadly.  No other nation would do so, but you seem so triggered to abolish everything that has given you the freedom to believe as you do, that you must have a great reason.  A fantastic reason.

So just let those of us who face an existential threat of joblessness, hunger, thought police and even death from your seemingly voracious need, know:


January 1, 2021

A bitter start to 2021, but with some hope

I have this dreadful feeling that as bad as 2020 was for America, 2021 is going to get a whole lot worse. I hope I'm wrong but after the fake voters have had their say and turned America away from the Trump recovery and towards a Biden floundering, I believe that I'm not going to be wrong. More lockdowns, more bankruptcies, more government dependencies among the general populace are all on the horizon. Stock market failure.  Power grabs from globalists, crony capitalists and big government will follow.

After all, Democrats need to make you dependent again. Republicans in significant numbers seem to be content to turn away from president Trump. Some clearly found his approach distasteful.  I'm not going to lie - his was not the most eloquent presidency.  But to turn away from his fighting spirit and his love of country will doom Republicans as much as fake voters ever could.

Am I bitter? Yes. Am I disheartened? Yes.  Am I giving up? Absolutely NOT.

I've been planning a follow-up for some time now to my Countering Alinsky posts from way back in 2009. That I think will be my first step and it's long overdue.  We are no longer trying to prevent progressive radicals from taking over. They have taken over.  We are the radicals now because common sense, love of country and liberty no longer prevail in America. We are the underdogs. We are the resistance now. Rules for Patriots is coming.  Hopefully in video form. Watch for it.

A president Trump second term would have mitigated the change. Sadly that seems to have been thwarted.  For now. But what is even sadder is that a second Trump term, while having offered much more swamp-draining and rebuilding of America and it's eroded core, it would not have been enough.  What America needed, and still needs is  multiple successive presidencies of that sort. With each loss, that possibility slips further and further away.

I still see potential.  My greatest hope is that president Trump coalesces conservative media and punditry under a new umbrella, outside of Fox news, and builds a media empire to replace the now-defunct Fox news "Fair and Balanced" news and Hollywood bubble with an alternative to rival ABC, CBS, NBC, and now Fox as the leftist-agenda-pushing-monolith. Perhaps Breitbart or Newsmax or OAN become another sizeable alternative as well.  Then in 2024, with a viable alternative or two to mainstream media president Trump runs again and returns to defeat the puppet Biden.  Let the leftist media howl at the conflict of interest in Trump's own network supporting him. DON'T CARE.  I refer you to their potential 2020 savior Bloomberg and the lack of pressure on him to cover the race fairly.

Win the election in 2024 and deal with the court challenges afterwards.  It worked for Biden apparently.  And after that victory, president Trump should be doubly aggressive and his supporters should not be squeamish about pushing just as hard. 

In order to reach that point, every second counts now. We cannot wait until 2024 to be ready. With all of the massive voter turnout in 2020, (barring some hail Mary miracle I no longer foresee) we still lost the presidency due to factors we had not prepared ourselves to combat. Rules for Patriots is a work in progress but it cannot come soon enough.  We need to win big in the midterms in 2022.  And we need to effectively thwart Biden's first 100 days.

As a token indicator of my determination, I will never put the word president in from of any reference to Biden.  After the sentence I just wrote, they will not appear in the same sentence.  EVER. He's not my president. I don't believe he won the election.  He stole it, or it was stolen for him.  In the words of Hillary Clinton, "he knows he's an illegitimate president". Except when I say it, there's merit to the claim.  I'm ready to fight for America, from north of the border unfortunately, but still ready to do my part.  Either do your part, or get out of the way because your inaction, as well as mine, has always been the biggest part of the problem.

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