January 11, 2021

Twitter is a cesspool and Parler is gone. You are next.

Try Gab,  they have their own infrastructure, or are at least working on it.  This coordinated attack on free speech is absolutely horrifying.  Soon, anyone opposing the Big Brother, social justice worldview, will not be able to share their opinion.  This is as anti-American as it gets.

They will try to distract you with talk of reconciliation as they take away your liberties.  

Big Tech, Big Media, and the government are all aligned.  Half of the country is already hypnotized into thinking that this is all a good thing that this is positive progress.  Those are useful idiots.  The rest of the country is systematically being shut out of any opportunity to oppose the agenda, any opportunity to even talk about it.  Disagreement will not be tolerated.

The Great Reset is nigh.

I know that sounds alarmist.  I can see myself typing it into my blog in disbelief.  I'm not a conspiracy nut.  But here's the thing. Evidence.  In addition to Parler, the #WalkAway movement is in the process of being cancelled. There are too many nest steps happening right now to ignore them.

Suppose I am wrong and there is no throwing us all in jail or re-education camps commencing (and no, I don't actually believe it's going that far), what is happening is still a threat to Democracy.  If they can shut down the right, they can shut down the left and they have set themselves up for a future where they can potentially silence everyone.

Chairman Mao would be proud.

I'm not suggesting insurrection.  I'm suggesting you get the word out to anyone who will still listen, and you do it right now.  This takeover and crushing of free speech is an affront to everything for which America stands.  If free speech dies, liberty dies, America dies.  And after that, anyone they want dies too.

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