July 31, 2010

Saturday Reading

Some great reading from some lesser known conservative blogs, plus a well known blog or two.

It's getting crowded under the (Obama) bus. So says Liberty's Watchdogs.

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency. Investor's Business Daily is talking about a revolution???

Is America in for a stealth amnesty? Is President Obama ready to play chicken with the voting public again? Why not? He'd rather be a really good one term President than a mediocre two term President. The idea that he might be a lousy one term President might be dawning on enough Democrats that any sort of amnesty might be too much for them to play ball.

From Conservative Outlooks, MoveOn.org promotes NPR for Helen Thomas’ seat over FoxNews w/help of progressive cell phone company. No really.

Death By 1000 Paper Cuts has it's list of the top 100 conservative websites. Plus the near misses. In case you were wondering, I didn't make it, and neither did you. [If you were on that list, and are indeed reading this, feel free to call me out on it.]

FireAndreaMitchell has the audio from the Hannity-Weiner slug fest. It's not the Rumble in the Jungle, but you can't have that when one of the combatants is named Weiner.

Idiots4Obama supports the comments from Phyllis Schlafly, because she's speaking truth to power. (When will that phrase finally die a gruesome death)?

Impeach Them All on the Islam of the Atheists - Bolshevism.

July 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Media Realities

In video form, from SecularStupidest, a comparison of two protests, and two versions of the media coverage. The video speaks for itself.

Did President Obama Really Say 'Mongrel'?

The President went on The View yesterday and said some more things about race that are frankly a little confusing. From the Beer Summit to the Shirley Sherrod situation, the President seems to shoot from the hip when it comes to racial issues and then deal with the damage afterwards.  Keep in mind that while the President may have known the questions in advance (I don't know for sure if that's the case), he certainly would have been unscripted as compared to a teleprompter speech. He may have had some talking points to work with, but it's a free form discussion in large part. It shouldn't come as a surprise that President Obama has some Biden-esque moments on open forum situations - coming to mind immediately are his gaffes with Jay Leno on the Special Olympics or his campaign trail talks about visiting 57 states.  But this gaffe might be more problematic.

July 29, 2010

Democrats to Campaign for the GOP

The Democrats are apparently preparing to paint the GOP as the 'Republican Tea Party'.  With campaigning like that, they might save the GOP some campaign financing.

July 28, 2010

France is expelling its illegals

France is further along the immigration path than America.  10% of it's population is Muslim, and the percentage is growing.  In the United States, about 7% of the census population is Mexican (2002).  But the nation of origin is not important.  In fact, it's Eastern European Gypsy immigrants the Sarkozy government is expelling.  This despite the claims in that country of the racism of such actions.

Sarkozy seems unfazed.
Sarkozy called a government meeting Wednesday after Roma clashed with police this month after the shooting death of a gypsy youth fleeing officers in the Loire Valley.
Sarkozy said those responsible for the clashes would be "severely punished" and ordered the government to expel all illegal Roma immigrants, almost all of whom have come from eastern Europe.
 Meanwhile in the U.S., Arizona can't enforce federal immigration law. It makes you wonder what sort of decisions were being made in the dying years of Rome.  And one can't help but wonder if France gets this, why don't Americans - or at least the judges?

Andrew Breitbart is too smart for that

On Shirley Sherrod, ZoNation has the definitive rant about the firing (see below).  But I'm more interested in the Brietbart angle on this.

July 27, 2010

It's a Good News Day for the GOP

Rasmussen Reports has a number of good news items today - the generic Congressional ballot of likely voters has the GOP up 10 points, and the Obama approval index is at -20.  But the good news doesn't stop there.

July 26, 2010

Hitler = Evil, no?

Here's one everyone can agree on - Hitler was evil. Right?  Obama with a Hitler moustache or Bush being called Bushitler is, or was crossing a line. Hitler = Evil.  Even those philosophically National Socialists would be hard pressed to defend him.  So what's the deal with Oliver Stone?

July 24, 2010

Weekend Reading

Sadly, I've been way too busy of late to post and I'm looking forward to the pace to slow down so that I can blog and also, just so I am not so darn busy.  I don't expect a slowdown for the next month or so, but I will try to manage a post or two per week at least while I'm busy.

In light of that, here's a great bunch of recent posts elsewhere worth checking out.

A Conservative Teacher ruminates about America losing geo-political wars - sad but true.

An Ol' Broad provides a poignant illustration of public housing and pride of ownership.  Ouch.

Charlie Rangel - re-electable but still an albatross around the neck of Pelosi. Waiting for the swamp to drain.

Mean Ol' Meany's take on intellectual dishonesty of the left on racism. Just a conservative girl sees that hypocrisy from the Shirley Sherrod flap last week and is rethinking her apology. I don't think Sherrod is any kind of a hero and I don't think she's as pure as she's being portrayed, especially in light of just a conservative girl's points.

Self Evident Truths - In government, we should not trust. Healthy skepticism, is by definition, healthy.

A Mosque at Ground Zero is more than just emotionally a bad thing, there's jihadist symbolism involved here that should simply not be tolerated. A Mosque in New York is one thing, but as a symbol of Islamic victory, at America's expense, is entirely another. Bonsai from the Right has the video. Teresamerica comments succinctly.

Marv Albert voice: "He gets rejected!" Strata-Sphere on the vast American rejection of liberal/progressive economic policies.

July 20, 2010

U.S. Navy 1, Drones 0

The U.S. Navy has successfully tested a laser shooting down a drone;

Go Navy.

GOP needs PR on U6 (unemployment)

The latest Gallup poll has a surprising result in terms of divergence between Congressional Republicans and Democrats, suddenly, the Democrats are pulling ahead. It begs the question - what just happened?  I'd say that the GOP needs PR on U6 (unemployment).

July 19, 2010

It IS the economy stupid.

Whether the phrase "It's the economy stupid" is attributable to President Clinton or to strategist James Carville, ultimately it is the truth. The notion was not invented by the Clinton War room, but the understanding and distillation of the concept into that simple phrase propelled them to victory over President Bush (41). Prior to that, President Reagan was elected because of a national economic malaise under Jimmy Carter. There were other reasons like the Iran hostage crisis, but the underlying malady of America was a big factor. John McCain lost to Obama for a number of reasons, the War on Terror included, but the economic meltdown and his reaction to it were huge and likely deciding factors. Since the Great Depression the economy has always played a crucial role in elections and it will do so again in these mid-term elections for the Democrats. It may seem obvious but it doesn't hurt to remember why.

July 17, 2010

President Obama: It's all about me.

As the President, Obama is right - the 2010 midterm elections are all about him.  But by personalizing the midterms, is Obama sabotaging Democrat chances?

July 15, 2010

Liberals Still Believe Their Own Propoganda

The narrative on President Obama is finally turning.  Liberals are becoming disillusioned with him.  But their reasons for the disillusion, are still based in their own misconception of the state of the nation.

July 13, 2010

Much Ado About Byrd

What's next in the appointment/election replacement for the vacated West Virginia Senate seat?  According to CNN, Senator Jay Rockefeller believes the late Senator Byrd will be replaced by Friday.

Toxins in the Global Warming Water

Now that all is right with the Global Warming alarmist crowd, it's interesting to note that the reinstatement of Phil Jones at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) is more political than it is scientific.  The claims that the science has emerged unscathed tells the real story.

July 12, 2010

BDI as a leading indicator

Many economists look to the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) as a leading indicator. It shows shipping volume and unlike unemployment tends to be a front end indicator of economic activity.  Unemployment is a trailing indicator on the other hand.

Hatch-ing an Argument Against Kagan

Senator Orrin Hatch laid out a case against Supreme Court Judicial nominee Elena Kagan as Politico reported today;
Will the Constitution control Elena Kagan, or will she try to control the Constitution? Does she believe that judges may change the meaning of the Constitution, and of the law generally? Is there any evidence that her personal or political views drive her legal views?
Hatch's reservations are important because he's a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  But as a Republican, it's likely that his opinion won't matter. Short of a filibuster, expect Kagan to be confirmed.  No Harriet Myers style popular backlash will fell this nominee, if that were the case, health care reform a la Obama would not have passed.  Democrats have been largely quiet on the Kagan matter, except to endorse her qualification for the Supreme Court at the start of the hearings.  Democrat Senators are the ones who have to blink in order to put a stop to the nominee - that doesn't appear to be happening.

This might be a time to contact your Senator about their vote - Presidents come and go, but Supreme Court Justices linger on for years.

July 8, 2010

Invisible Steele

About a month ago I was thinking Michael Steele, head of the Republican National Committee, was conspicuous by his absence from the national stage.  Now I wish he really was. Here he is trying to do some damage control:

8 things you didn't know about the Gulf oil spill

Here are a few apparently little known facts about the Gulf Oil Spill:

- the state of the art Deepwater Horizon drilling platform was made in South Korea.

-The name of the leaking oil reserve, Macondo is from a the name of a cursed town in the Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude".

- Anadarko, the minority partner with BP on the well, is likely to suffer a greater financial setback (relatively) than BP.

-The well is estimated to hold 50 million barrels of oil.

- Leaking at 60,000 barrels per day it would take approximately 833 days to drain the entire well.

- At Day 79, that represents almost 10% of the entire well spilled, if current spill estimated rates hold true.

-The offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico is estimated to have over 1.5 billion barrels of oil reserves.

- There's a very cool tool here, to view the northern Florida coast and alerts in near real time.

July 7, 2010

Worth Noting: An Apology To Palin

Levi Johnston is quoted in People Magazine as apologizing to both Bristol and Sarah Palin.  Yes, belatedly but at least he''s smartened up enough to own up to his untruthful antics.

July 6, 2010

Obama still needs more money

Flashback to 2008:

Irony:  Giving more money to someone more than willing to spend it for you. 

Bigger irony: Putting him in a position to take it from you at will.

Biggest irony:  The person who took the sign didn't destroy it, so they probably put it on their own lawn.  You know the old saying - lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.  Or trillions in new debt.  Whichever. Theft begets theft, this time on a national scale.

I wonder if they still are Obama supporters.  Okay, no I don't.

July 2, 2010

Analogy of the Day: Government Spending

If the American economy were an automobile then increasing government spending is the equivalent of taking money away from the engine and using it to put more accessories on that the very same engine will now be required to carry, despite being weaker than it was before.

That doesn't work very well when the engine has been downsized model after model for years already.  The U.S. government is now trying to run an Abrams tank on the engine of a Yugo Chevrolet Aveo.

(Updated: the socialist automobile to present day).

July 1, 2010

Ben Franklin to Max Weber to Today

Max Weber, quoting in parts Benjamin Franklin, wrote;
Remember, that time is money. He that can earn ten shillings a day by his labor, and goes abroad, or sits idle, one half of that day, though he spends but sixpence during his diversion or idleness, ought not to reckon that the only expense; he has really spent, or rather thrown away, five shillings besides. ... Remember, that money is the prolific, generating nature. Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more, and so on. Five shillings turned is six, turned again is seven and threepence, and so on, till it becomes a hundred pounds. The more there is of it, the more it produces every turning, so that the profits rise quicker and quicker. He that kills a breeding sow, destroys all her offspring to the thousandth generation. He that murders a crown, destroys all that it might have produced, even scores of pounds.

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