April 18, 2024

Justin Trudeau broke Canada

I'd like to tell Cher, Barbara Streisand, Meathead (aka Rob Reiner) et. al. "Do not come to Canada when Trump wins in November 2024. We don't want any of you and your socialist elite tripe."  But instead, I'll let the facts, and others say it instead.

In summary, Canada is broken, really, really, badly broken.  It's thanks to the socialist policies of Justin no-brains Trudeau.

And for the rest of America's sake, do not allow Let's Go Brandon to drag the United States further down this path.  PLEASE!!!

That's how bad it really is, but it gets a lot worse.  This video, is REAL!

Trudeau's popularity is in the gutter but we are stuck with him for another 18 months or so.  You in America have a shorter window to try to fix things.  GET IT RIGHT before this happens to you:

(For context, 1 liter is 0.264172 U.S. gallons, and the price per gas per liter has just gone up to $1.79, or $6.78 per gallon!)

There are so many more of these but here's a view from what seems to be the left side of the political aisle, and it explains why Justin Trudeau is so despised now:

It's not too late to stop this from happening in America.  All you have to do is not vote Democrat. Vote Republican or this WILL happen in America, guaranteed. 

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