September 4, 2023

Advice for Democrats on COVID

I am going to say the quiet part out loud, but only because I know that Democrats (i) do not read my blog and (ii) even if they did, they won't listen to my advice - because they can't.  While I would very much not like to see this outcome, I'm not worried about it happening, because Democrats' hands are tied. I will explain why, later.  Democrats, you are missing a golden opportunity on COVID, and I don't think you realize it.  Either that, or you have come to the same conclusion as I have already.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" has been a mantra for the left (Rahm Emanuel is often credited with the saying but it predates him). Take a look at this example (or this one) if you doubt me. Democrats are allowing a 'crisis' to go to waste with COVID, but not in the way you'd think. Being no strangers to fabricating a narrative, with a compliant media, Democrats could use the tail end of this crisis to end Big Pharma.  As COVID hysteria winds down (perhaps after the latest iteration the want to use as election rule-bending fodder), they could easily manufacture a narrative about the inefficacy of COVID shots, which largely did nothing to prevent people from contracting COVID, or spreading COVID, or dying from COVID.

The narrative would be that Big Pharma took advantage of the crisis, mislead the government and profited immensely from it while doing nothing of value, almost as if they were war-profiteering from the COVID epidemic.  It could be the impetus to fine or sue Big Pharma into bankruptcy, and that in turn could fuel the 'need' to have government step in and take over the pharmaceutical industry entirely.  Obamacare 2.0 as it were.

The scary thing is, in our haste on the right see big pharma punished for their role, we might enjoin the effort or at least stand aside and let it play out.  That of course would be a mistake.  Corrections need to be made but not the ones Democrats would have in mind.

A terrible outcome no doubt, but Democrats will never do it.  There's too much at stake reputationally for them.  They fed the hysteria, not only of the crisis but of the remedy.  Let's Go Brandon tried to illegally mandate that businesses over a certain size mandate COVID shots as a condition of employment.  They were all in on COVID shots.  Do you think they can admit they were wrong?  They'd rather have COVID shot complications not be a known thing and allow Big pharma to get away with it than admit any errors in judgement on their part.  They have to appear perfect to the uninformed.  They believe they still do. They also need the threat of future COVID crises as potential dangers to use.  They cannot wean themselves off of any of that.

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