March 21, 2009

What's a JournoList to do?

On Tuesday, Politico reported that there was a secret cabal of liberal journalists holding secret electronic discussion board 'meetings'. "Proof of a vast liberal media conspiracy?" Politico asked. Despite denials it is proof that if there's no conspiracy, there's at least an unintended commonality that will inevitably get filtered out into the mainstream media out of sheer laziness of idea generation if nothing else.

Is it a big deal? Not really. Conservatives know that the left has a bigger microphone, and we knew that there was a co-ordination of daily talking points. Whether it's deliberate or accidental is of no consequence. The fact that it's happening comes as a surprise to no one. The fact that they are doing it, while sneaky or lazy, is perfectly legal. There's no reason they can't act unethically like this. And conservatives don't expect them to honor the independent and unbiased thinking expected of journalists.
What really matters is that the left has a way to co-ordinate and plan their talking points and the right seems to be behind on that account. If the gloves are off as far as journalistic independence so be it, the right would rather have it that way, and at least now it's out in the open.
Oh it's on baby...

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