March 31, 2021

Facebook hates the First Amendment

At the risk of becoming Tim Pool Jr. this evening by reposting him again, I had to share this.  Facebook has decided that the First Amendment does not need protection on their platform as they are determined to eradicate president Trump's voice.

Is YouTube the new CNN with their Rose Colored Glasses?

 YouTube is a disgrace.  They are hiding this guy's massive dislike count.

Edward Snowden - it's worse than we thought.

When Edward Snowden first emerged as a public figure he seemed to me to be anti-American because of the nature of the information he stole and shared.   But the reality is that he is anti-government-corruption.  There is good and bad in what he has done. But exposing what goes on is definitely a plus for society.  And as it turns out, what is going on is worse than we thought.

Shut up and play

I followed the NFL far less than in the past in 2020.  The wokeness combined with COVID-emptied stadiums just made it uninteresting for me. I'm not sure that my interest will recover.  But the political aspect of things is interesting to me. 

Players apparently don't like it. They agreed to it in the last collective bargaining agreement. I feel like shut up and play still applies.  I may not have felt that way prior to the NFL woke era. Injuries are a legitimate concern after all.  But now I am far less sympathetic.  Players and teams adjusted when the season changed from 14 to 16 games.  And the rosters grew too so players can share the workload a little more. And just like I don't need to hear Robert De Niro blabbering about president Trump (shut up and act), I don't much care about what the players or owners have to say.  Shut up and play before you lose everyone completely.

Cuomo nursing home scandal worse than we thought

 Cuomo is at minimum an idiot, at worst a mass murderer.

CNN fixes another story it doesn't like

 The story is tragic, but the CNN angle is pathetic:

March 30, 2021

China's plan for world domination

 This can't be good, especially with a sympathizer indentured puppet 'heading' U.S. foreign policy.

More on the Crowder situation

 Crowder Bits, the workaround for the YouTube ban.

If you disagree with YouTube, you are banned.  That does not sound like a platform, it sounds like a publisher.

UPDATE: And the Bits got banned too...

Crowder considered spam on YouTube???

YouTube is retargeting Crowder.

UPDATE:  Aaaaannnd Banned.  Right on cue.

March 29, 2021

More on that guy's confused press conference

 Another critical view of the lack of thought process at the top.

Cover-up the codger

 This man is not even in charge of his faculties, never mind anything else.

Border security tour, unfiltered. Starring Ted Cruz

 Ted Cruz and others reveal that change in policies from Trump era have created a humanitarian disaster.

Programming notice

I've been swamped with work this year.  I've been posting far too infrequently for my liking.  I'll try to play a little bit of catch up today (as I have a little breathing room) by focusing on some of the bigger issues I have missed with some short to-the-point posts.

March 28, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #3: Don't Do It Alone

Continuing the rules for Patriots from Rule #2, you can't get involved alone.  You can't get as much done alone as you can in a group. How often do you hear "I'm just one person, what can I do"?  The secret sauce of progressivism is Joining.  As conservative patriots we are attuned to rugged individualism, and while that is important, it is not the be-all-and-end-all of making things work. Putting a man on the moon was not a one man show. It took teamwork. The U.S. military, still the world's greatest, does not rely on individual superheroes, it relies on teamwork and role players to be so great. Even individual sport Olympic gold medal winners had coaches, medical support and team environments for practicing.  We fall short on teamwork on regular basis.

We can't all be leaders or innovators; 10,000 individual bloggers with 100 readers each do not effectively compete with Vox or CNN. There is strength in numbers.  There is synergy in joining. You cannot contribute ideas shouting into an empty void.  But you can in a church group (for example).  You can't do it alone, so don't do it alone.  And don't fall prey to the "You didn't build that" trap of thinking that joining takes away from or removes individual achievement. 

So join. But where?

There are a few things to consider.  Most people assume getting things done requires politics.  Well, yes.  But politics is not the apex of the pyramid, culture is king.  And while national politics is the apex of the pyramid in politics, you can't start at the top.  So we are back to where. We are back to "What can I do"?

Everyone has two things they have to know about themselves. Figure out the answers to these two questions and you have half the battle won. (1) What issue am I most passionate about?  And (2) what is my area of expertise?  You may for example be most invested in the abortion issue, and you have extensive computer science knowledge.  So why not find a local anti-abortion group and volunteer to help them with your computer skills.

Great teams have specialists and exhibit complimentary skills sets among the various team members.  This is how you can contribute in a non-financial and non-voting-day way.  You CAN make a difference.  Just as people need to specialize, effective organizations specialize too; legal, political, education, media, the list goes on.  While conservatives sit at home and rage at the effectiveness of the GOP, we fail to understand that they should not be experts in all areas, but they should be aligned with experts in areas they need.  Democrats have legal experts, media experts, protest organizations that they partner with very effectively.  We need to stop looking at the GOP as the source of 'marching orders' and rather as more of just a team jersey that a number of aligned organizations and people fall under.  The GOP establishment boogeymen have less power than we accredit them if we decentralize the power structure to various aligned conservative groups.  These closer to grassroots organizations should not be outsiders.  The REpublican party should be beholden to them just as they should be beholden to their membership.  NOT the other way around.  The only way to affect that outcome is to join, en masse.

If you find there is no organization that fits your cultural/political passion.  Then find a few like-minded individuals and found one.  Organize.  Seek members and donations.  Register as a non- profit.  These are the rules, take advantage of them. Build numbers, there is strength in numbers.  

Whether in your own group or one you have joined, leverage the work of others on our side - even if they are not involved in the same interest. Copy what works, enhance what you have seen work elsewhere.  Become a force multiplier by aligning similar groups for various tasks or aligned goals.

Even at that level, know what you need, what you have and what you lack.  Build on your strengths, and don't ignore weaknesses (e.g. poll watchers in 2020, legal experts, sympathetic judges) , if you lack something, align with a potential ally with that skill.  And if there is a legitimate weakness, then fix it.

One last point, there is despite all of their strength, something Democrats, progressives and liberals do very poorly that we must not copy.  Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment was "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."  I get that there has been a paradigm shift on that with so many RINOs in the GOP.  But there is still an important truth in it.   Democrats do not know how to keep their allies.  Actually it is a problem of the entire Left.  Once your usefulness is complete they have no compunction about discarding you, often viciously.  They'll turn on you and savage you if you disagree or even if your usefulness is gone. Andrew Cuomo is the latest example (yes, he's scum and deserves it but they have cut ties with a terrible viciousness while using the opportunity to turn it into a #MeToo issue rather than him being responsible for an as yet unascertained number of COVID deaths due to his policies).

The last point; allies; keep 'em.  Don't discard them after you have used them.  That is short term thinking.  It is Democrat thinking.  They use African Americans, women, and other communities to their benefit.  If you cease to become useful, you are discarded.  Once the anti-Trump Lincoln Project was no longer necessary the NYT could not wait to go after the Republican organization for their apparent wrong-doings.

Not only are we unlikely to get as far (since we have fewer allies), we are better than that.  We are the good guys, the white hats (no that is not a racial reference, it's a cowboy movie reference).  

Sunday verse


March 22, 2021

Mainstream media pivot begins

 CNN cannot go after president Trump now that he has not been impeached and is not in the White House. They are losing viewers at an alarming (for them) rate.  What can they do? Pivot to the current occupier of the White House (who continues to remain nameless).  The border issue is the beginning.  He's going to become the 'bad guy'.  Well, more likely the unfortunate guy.  "He's a good man, he's in over his head.  He needs to step aside because he cannot manage the country."

The mainstream media, not just CNN, need a storyline.  It can no longer be Trump. It has to be a crisis of confidence in the White House.  "Kamala Harris needs to be president now."  The Nancy Pelosi foray into the 25th amendment talk last year was real.  For the media it is about the story.  For Democrats it's going to continue to be about blaming president Trump.

There will be a rift between Democrats and the media.  Only for a time.  They will coalesce again. But for now, while Democrats stick it to Trump blaming and the media harp on Biden's failures to secure a new storyline, this is an opportunity for Republicans if they are smart enough to seize it.

March 21, 2021

Sunday verse


You have to laugh or you'll cry

Joe Biden, climbing stairs much as he ran his presidential campaign:

March 11, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #2: Get Involved, Stay Involved

 This is part 3 in a series on Rules for Patriots (the introduction can be found here and Rule #1 here).

Rule #2 - Get Involved, Stay Involved

If you are frustrated by government inaction, excessive action,  overreach, malfeasance, corruption or any other sort of abuse of power, the obvious solution is to get involved.  Most conservatives and patriots have historically believed that meant to get out and vote.  Voting is not enough. Clearly.  If it were these issues that vex you would not exist. Yes voting is important but voting should be be the end-product of an informed involvement.

What does informed involvement look like? Pay attention.  As noted in Rule #1, you have to make sure you are educated.  In the case of voting that means you need to know the candidates long before the election; know the candidates during the primaries.  What are their positions?  Are their positions consistent with their personal or voting record? Are their positions plausible? You have to know the consequences of what you are voting for and you have to be able to make others aware of the same.

That applies not only at the federal level.  It applies at the state level and it applies at the local level. They are every bit as important as the federal government.  They impact your life often to a greater or at least a more immediate degree than the federal government.  Every level of government impacts every other level of government.  From assigning voting rules to redistricting to legal recourse.

But as I mentioned, getting involved does not start and end with informed voting. It does not even start and end with government. Political organizations have been a forte of the Left for decades.  They often run amok in society unchecked.  From the ACLU to SIEU to Planned Parenthood to BLM and ANTIFA, the left has armies dedicated to various aspects of societal influence. The right has organizations as well but they are typically smaller, less visible and most often, less effective (with exceptions of course).  These organizations act outside of government (at least theoretically) and as a result are often capable of much more since they do not operate within the confines of the government. They are subject to rules, which is where INFORMED voting comes in and you can influence those rules.

But have you joined the Taxpayers Federation? Have you checked out Judicial Watch?  And if you know about them, and even if you have joined, is that all you have done?  Even sending money to support them (or candidates when it comes to elections), while helpful is still only limited involvement.  Have you volunteered to do work for them?  Have you attended meetings and/or participated?  That's real involvement.  There is strength in numbers and you can do more than just calling a talk show to complain. Complaints are not action.  Money is limited action.  Volunteering is real action.

And it is not a one time thing.  You get involved and you stay involved because if you let up, you immediately go back on defense.

Pick up a digital pamphlet for the patriotic cause of your choice.  See if the organization is doing things you agree with and if so, join, pledge support and go do work. Volunteer what you can.  That is staying involved.

March 10, 2021

Twitter Nazis in full effect now

 It's not even being done covertly anymore.  Twitter censorship is beyond the pale.

March 7, 2021

March 5, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #1: Know your facts

Last week I posted an introduction to Rules for Patriots.  Rule #1 is a few days late but not be choice.  In any case, here it is.

Rule #1: Know Your Facts

This would seem like an obvious rule, but the left doesn't seem to abide by this rule. In fact, a lot of what they, a lot of what they claim flies in the face of facts. And it has worked for them, so why restrict ourselves to reality?  There are a number of reasons why this is important to conservatives, to patriots.

The left controls the media and thus the narrative so any mistake in fact that we make we will be called out and ridiculed and it will be used as proof that we are hayseed hicks with no sense of truth.  We cannot afford to make mistakes. 

Of course that is a secondary reason.  The most important reason is knowledge.  Knowledge matters, knowledge is power.  Learning facts about issues for your own understanding and benefit is important for you, but also so that you can debate and persuade others.  Persuasion when we are a political underdog matters, we need numbers and to get them we need to persuade in an environment where the deck is stacked against us.

But knowing your facts is not limited to political issues.  You need to know your audience, you need to know how to speak to them in a persuasive way, which means you have to talk to them in a way that resonates with them. You can't do that unless you know them and understand what makes them tick.

Once you know the audience, learn the issues that motivate them.  Once you understand those facts you can also learn and anticipate the counter-arguments you will face and prepare to overcome the counter-arguments from your audience or someone trying to debate you or to persuade your audience otherwise.  

But it's also not just knowing about the issues.  Where conservatives often fall short, despite the facts being on our side, is knowing the landscape of the political stage.  In 2020 we just knew president Trump was going to win re-election.  We focused on the political arguments, not the political procedure. We lost track of having lawyers ready to challenge rule changes in various states that served to undermine election integrity, so we were caught flat-footed when we tried to challenge rule changes that we believe were unconstitutional. And we lost.

We did not focus on social media manipulation and we have ended up with shadow-banning conservative viewpoints and seeing that escalate up to outright banning of legitimate political viewpoints.  The Democrats are displaying McCarthyism  on steroids and we see Parler being shut down, we are seeing conservative pundit after conservative pundit being silenced.

We lost the battle by not knowing the rules even as they were being changed on us. We have underutilized friendly judges, legal loopholes, and even something as simple as who our own allies are.  Do you know of any conservative organizations in your own community?  Do you know who on your local council or in your own statehouse is a conservative or a liberal or a phony conservative?  Do you know the rules for elections from local to federal?  

Knowledge matters. It's not the entire battle, but for conservatives it's integral.  And obviously every conservative cannot possibly know everything we need to know, so we need to know who we can rely on as allies, or groups with which we can align. We are not arguing from a position of vocal amplification strength, so every little bit of advantage we can gain, matters. Know your facts.

March 3, 2021

Where is Rage Against The Machine on this censorship?

" They don't gotta burn the books they just remove 'em."

Bulls on Parade, Rage Against The Machine

"Liberals" have skipped removing the books, they are just outright banning them now.  Ironic that the rebellion has become the empire (or machine) and are far worse than what they replaced.

They are covering their tracks on voter fraud, except Crowder's catching them

 The mystery deepens:

Trump at CPAC 2021, unfiltered

In case you are having trouble finding an unfiltered, uncommented version of president Trump's 2021 CPAC speech, here's the whole thing:

And as predicted, the speech got pulled off YouTube.
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