February 23, 2021

Rules for Patriots - An Introduction

I had planned to do this as a video, and release it yesterday.  Unfortunately the editing was taking way longer than I expected and in order to just get it done, I have reverted to simply writing it out.  Luckily I still have some of the visuals available to make it less drab.

Rules for Patriots. Why do we need rules for Patriots? And who even do we consider Patriots? Do we really need new rules? And why now?

Lets examine each of these questions as a precursor to diving into the actual rules themselves. These rules are intended as a way to change the game.  A game that has been rigged against conservatives, against patriots, against you and I for a very long time.

In recent years, and I am referring to years that even preceded president Trump, there has been a rebirth of patriotism.  A rebirth in the belief that America is a great place. What was commonplace in the 1980s dwindled over time until there was a need to have a renaissance of patriotism with the rise of the Tea Party in 2009.

For many of us that patriotism to American virtues and values has never been in doubt. But in a broader spectrum, it has been slowly draining out of American cultural sensibilities and morality only to be replaced with an inferior brand of sensibilities that betray what America stands means.  It's as if an Overton Window on society, not just government, has been changing the meaning of what America is and means.  And just like a virus, that ersatz vision of America has been spreading, uncontrolled, and uncontained. This culminated in the election of 2020, with a blow to the Make America Great Again movement, the successor to the Tea Party movement.

This creeping betrayal of American values has infected not just people, not just business but even governmental institutions.  Bureaucracies meant to work for the American people have been perverted into serving an oligopoly of a very few, using the institutional advantages it has created for itself to cover your eyes to the truth. An oligarchy of massive private institutions have joined the behemoth to protect their own interests turning the drivers of societal change into a virtually unstoppable behemoth.

In addition progressive socialists have permeated media and education, turning people into sheep; non-thinkers who accept what they are told without critical questioning. It's been alarmingly effective.  Fort those of us invested in "liberty and justice for all" the time to correct the problems is running short.

You may be wondering if "Patriot" means you.  It does.  Waiting for someone else to fix your problems with government and Big Tech and the media is a lot like political welfare.  It's dependency. You need to act, politically to ensure a future for America.

That is, if you: believe in the Constitution.  And you believe in preserving America as a place with potential for all. and you understand that an America that prevents that for anyone, prevents it for all. You also understand that America requires an active, civil defense of the principles that made it a great country or else it and all the liberty it provides will perish. You must likewise understand that the liberty your country affords you also charges you with certain responsibilities. You know that one of the greatest of those responsibilities is to protect those liberties not just for yourself, but for all Americans.

But all of that is just understanding. To be a patriot you must not be afraid to take action, civil action, in order to address threats to liberty and justice for all. That means getting involved politically, socially morally and intellectually.

The obvious question is why not use what's already there since it worked so well. Saul Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals.  It worked to get progressives into power.  The same radicals who are now in power and either willfully or unknowingly chopping away at the support structure that holds America together.

But if the rules worked for them?  Why not just use their own rules against them?

4 reasons:

(1) The rules are based on the destruction of your enemy.  Their enemy in part is America.  We do not have that same luxury.  Similarly we do not possess the numerical strength to destroy socialism and progressivism. Not now.

(2) That is because we have already ceded so much ground to the socialists.  Consequently we need to convert groups and individuals into allies, not destroy them.  We must grow our numbers. Destruction does not suffice and in a political battle of attrition that destruction would require, we are doomed. This is why the Democrats are locked into the political war of attrition - they are winning.

(3) Time for a recent football analogy.  If you were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would you try to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs with the Kansas City Chiefs' own playbook?  It's not designed for you, it's designed for them, and they know it better than you ever will. They will know what your next move is before you do. That is a surefire road to defeat.

(4) The Saul Alinsky playbook is one of negative tactics.  Do you want to stoop that low?  Personal destruction? You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar the old saying goes. It's the common sense ideas like that which are lacking in our opposition.  That's what makes them vulnerable.

It's better to never go lower when they go low.  Instead we must offer something positive; hope.  It's what drove victory for Ronald Reagan, for Donald Trump and it even worked for the most successful Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Offer hope. Offering hope means not using a negative playbook.  No, we need our own.

So why now? Take a look at the graphs above. Firstly, electoral college shifts between parties are diminishing.  over time. In most states voters have become locked into a voting pattern.  The opportunities to change minds are diminishing and between president Reagan and president Trump, no Republican has seemed eager to even attempt it. Democrats however never afraid to try, by any means necessary. Take a look at the second graph.  Not only is the voter base becoming locked in, it seems to be turning out more. More voters, more entrenched. That's a recipe for stasus for a long time. Stasus that favors the left. While on the surface it would appear that additional votes for president Trump in both 2016 and 2020 were a good thing, either the Democrats manufactured votes, or their base was so fired up that patriots decided to do something about progressive social and political hegemony, that they turned out to quash your political spirit once and for all. That is anti-democratic action at it's most insidious.

Let's circle back to why we need rules at all.  Can't we just do our thing and it will work itself out?  Frankly that's not a plan.  That's a fairy tale.  We need rules to change the game and we need them now.
What we have done so far has not worked. President trump captured lightning in a bottle in 2016, and nearly again in 2020. But nearly is not enough.  We need to do things better or we are destined to lose elections until America is completely unrecognizable, weak and at the mercy of foreign powers.

What we have done so far is reactive and without forward thinking. You cannot win without a plan.  Interestingly, what we have done so far has been based on conservative principles, particularly rugged individualism.  That's great in capitalism.  It turns out it is terrible in politics. What's needed is a co-operative effort (which neither capitalism nor liberty preclude). That does not mean we need to abandon who we are to incorporate a few guiding principles. These guiding principles, or rules, are meant to be just guidance.  Rugged individuals or organizations will have plenty of room to operate from within that framework, even if they adhere to the rules. 

These rules are tactical in nature, but only because that is the stage we are at as patriots. strategic thinking is not gone, just absent from this immediate discussion. Besides, why would I share a strategy here where it can be dissected by progressives looking for weaknesses?

The rules are going to follow soon.  I will discuss them one at a time.

Now, so I do not get doxed, censored or worse allow me to add a few caveats for any progressive, liberal, socialist or social justice warrior who happens to see this:

-This is not a call to violence.  It is a call to political action. 
-This is not radical. If you believe that someone having a different political view than you is radical, you need to step out of the rainbow sweetheart, and into the real world.
-Further, someone trying to make a political change is not radical unless they are doing so violently. Rioting and looting are violent.  Burning buildings is violent. Protesting and organizing is not violent, even if you disagree with someone politically you do not have the right to curtail their speech. If you want to do that go join the regime in North Korea or Syria or Chad.
-You do not have the right to exist 100% unoffended. Your ill-conceived ideas offend me.  You know what I do? I deal with it. Grow up and try it yourself.

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