April 25, 2024

Democrats' economics 2012 vs. 2024 - from bad policy to bad policy

I was digging through my old posts this morning, looking for a specific one (that I have yet to find).  It led me just now to post on a tangential topic.  And now it's led me to an entirely unrelated topic.  This time, it's about a notion that actually relates to my previous post - Democrats keep making the same mistakes.

In that previous post, I noted that the Democrats' mistakes on Israel and Hamas are driven by politics rather than by morality or even national security.  However, their mistakes on the economy and unemployment are driven by political and economic misunderstanding.  Socialist policies lead to bad outcomes. 

Some people look back on the Obama years with nostalgia, but it's undeserved:

The U6 president, unlike his Nobel Peace Prize, now has an accomplishment he has truly earned. He has presided over the longest stretch of unemployment above 8% in the history of unemployment in the United States (reported by HuffPo - emphasis added);
Stronger job creation could help President Barack Obama's re-election hopes. Still, the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent since his first month in office – the longest stretch on record. No president since World War II has faced re-election with unemployment over 8 percent.
This will be hard for the presidential apologists to spin.

Of course back then, spin mattered. Now it doesn't - few believe this "president" is doing a good, and few believe that spin matters more than who votes and which votes actually get counted. Sad but true.

None of this matters to Democrats, it's about accumulation and retention of power. That and their socialist agenda which they either believe completely or just use to help centralize their power. Nothing more. Hurt Israel, hell hurt Americans.  As long as it serves their purpose it doesn't matter to them. That's evil.  

As I've said many times over the years - they are either too stupid or too evil (or maybe both) to be allowed to lead the country.

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