September 27, 2023

Common logical fallacies explained

As a conservative, as a voter, as a person, understanding these logical fallacies are important tools for individuals.  Learn, and be aware.

September 26, 2023

A reaction video and common sense

The reaction video for Oliver Anthony is good but I'm more impressed with this young lady's common sense.

More Russell Brand hate

At least Rumble is standing on principle with regards to Russell Brand, unlike Burger King.  Via Tim Pool:

Deep State vs. Russell Brand

The Orwellian nightmare is upon us.

September 25, 2023

Voter realignment happening?

Are black and Hispanic voters moving from Democrats to Trump? Any kind of shift spells disaster for Democrats. So hopefully, yes.

Are Democrats and libs panicking?

Looks like president Trump is doing well in polls now; very well thank you.

September 24, 2023

September 22, 2023

Menendez corruption, again.

New Jersey Democratic senator Bob Menendez in trouble for corruption, again.

President Trump, comeback kid

Red Eagle Politics says president Trump is in line for an epic comeback:

Actually Fun Friday

Fun Friday but it's not funny

Mark Dice lays it out:

The war you haven't heard about

Armenia vs. Azerbaijan is a war that just broke out but as Peter Zeihan indicates, it's been a conflict brewing for a long time.

September 21, 2023

Justin Trudeau has stepped in it again

After a disgraceful plane stuck on the tarmac at an airport in India, Justin Trudeau returns home to Canada, awash in a sea of bad polls and declares India has assassinated a Sikh activist on Canadian soil. He is a disgrace as a leader, using a death as political misdirection.  Or trying to do so at least.

September 20, 2023

Elon Musk on rewriting history

Dave Rubin share's Elon Musk's take on rewriting history:

"Emergency": You keep using this word

... I do not think it means what you think it means.

September 19, 2023

Peter Zeihan all in on China collapse

One one hand Ray Dalio claims China is the ascendant power.  On the other hand Peter Zeihan continues to argue, China's collapse is already under way.  I tend to side with Zeihan on the issue, however that does not mean Ray Dalio is wrong about the state of the United States.  One 'empire' can collapse without another filling the vacuum right away.

Here's what Peter Zeihan is saying about China today:

September 18, 2023

Eventually they will come for you too

Even if you mostly agree, eventually, inevitably, they will come for you too.  Russell Brand became less dogmatic and more open-minded in his thinking.  And now because of that, it's his turn in the woke crosshairs. Don't mistake me, the accusations are serious and we don't know for sure how legitimate they are. But why are they suddenly coming out now, years later, right before an election season.  It does seem suspicious.  No matter how liberal you are, eventually they will come for you too.

September 17, 2023

September 15, 2023

September 14, 2023

President Trump talks education in America

I will leave this to president Trump himself.

YouTube's medical censorship

Dr. Berg gets censored by YouTube and apparently the World Health Organization. This matters to everyone, not just him. Dr. Berg explains why.

Romney out finally

I am ashamed I once supported this guy.  True it was against a greater evil, Obama, but he was terrible as a Republican. This will ultimately help Republicans in the senate. Not sad to see him go by a long shot.

Megyn Kelly talks with president Trump

This is quite a different conversation than they would have had (or refused to have) in 2016. 

September 12, 2023

Let's Go Brandon continues to make a clown of himself

To the surprise of no one reasonable, Let's Go Brandon also continues to make a clown of himself.

Bad enough to be ignored by the mainstream media, but even they are starting to lose patience with this stooge, blasting him on his 9/11 claims. The Young Turks called him out? Even MSNBC called him on the lie.

Justin Trudeau continues to make a clown of himself

To the surprise of absolutely no one, except maybe the man himself, Justin Trudeau makes a clown of himself yet again.

September 11, 2023

A Sanctuary City except it's really NIMBY

Not in my backyard: leftist liberals want open borders and and actually love illegal immigration. As proof of their devotion to the cause, they will declare their cities sanctuary cities.  That is, until the immigrants actually start showing up en masse and they are confronted with reality. Boo freaking hoo.

September 10, 2023

September 9, 2023

Long form discussion

For a man who claims to be down the center, (Chris Lunsford) Oliver Anthony has talked with Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson but not Rachel Maddow or Andrea Mitchell.  That says something about where he thinks the political middle is.  Unfortunately where he seems to think the middle is, is where the middle used to be.  Nevertheless, this is not an attack on the man.  He is authentic, and he is talented and he is so far accurate in his lyrics. Here's a long form discussion between him and Jordan Peterson.

September 7, 2023

No Mask discussion on The Hill

The Hill?  A left leaning outfit saying no masks? Or even discussing it?  Is normal returning?  Probably not but this is still progress in the right direction.

September 6, 2023

Dazed and Confused Senior Citizen

Let's Go Brandon, leaving medal of honor ceremony right in the middle.

September 4, 2023

Advice for Democrats on COVID

I am going to say the quiet part out loud, but only because I know that Democrats (i) do not read my blog and (ii) even if they did, they won't listen to my advice - because they can't.  While I would very much not like to see this outcome, I'm not worried about it happening, because Democrats' hands are tied. I will explain why, later.  Democrats, you are missing a golden opportunity on COVID, and I don't think you realize it.  Either that, or you have come to the same conclusion as I have already.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" has been a mantra for the left (Rahm Emanuel is often credited with the saying but it predates him). Take a look at this example (or this one) if you doubt me. Democrats are allowing a 'crisis' to go to waste with COVID, but not in the way you'd think. Being no strangers to fabricating a narrative, with a compliant media, Democrats could use the tail end of this crisis to end Big Pharma.  As COVID hysteria winds down (perhaps after the latest iteration the want to use as election rule-bending fodder), they could easily manufacture a narrative about the inefficacy of COVID shots, which largely did nothing to prevent people from contracting COVID, or spreading COVID, or dying from COVID.

The narrative would be that Big Pharma took advantage of the crisis, mislead the government and profited immensely from it while doing nothing of value, almost as if they were war-profiteering from the COVID epidemic.  It could be the impetus to fine or sue Big Pharma into bankruptcy, and that in turn could fuel the 'need' to have government step in and take over the pharmaceutical industry entirely.  Obamacare 2.0 as it were.

The scary thing is, in our haste on the right see big pharma punished for their role, we might enjoin the effort or at least stand aside and let it play out.  That of course would be a mistake.  Corrections need to be made but not the ones Democrats would have in mind.

A terrible outcome no doubt, but Democrats will never do it.  There's too much at stake reputationally for them.  They fed the hysteria, not only of the crisis but of the remedy.  Let's Go Brandon tried to illegally mandate that businesses over a certain size mandate COVID shots as a condition of employment.  They were all in on COVID shots.  Do you think they can admit they were wrong?  They'd rather have COVID shot complications not be a known thing and allow Big pharma to get away with it than admit any errors in judgement on their part.  They have to appear perfect to the uninformed.  They believe they still do. They also need the threat of future COVID crises as potential dangers to use.  They cannot wean themselves off of any of that.

September 3, 2023

August 31, 2023

Megyn Kelly vs. Jimmy Kimmel vs. Tucker Carlson

Megyn Kelly puts Jimmy Kimmel in his place over him blasting Tucker Carlson about his Twitter / X show.

Corruption in plain sight, even fake names are coming out

I wonder if any of those fake names he used included Let's Go Brandon:

August 30, 2023

The Silent Depression (you're living in it)

This is an interesting take, and not wrong.  The Great Depression versus now (guess which is worse):

August 27, 2023

August 26, 2023

August 25, 2023

Megyn Kelly says Trump won

By not showing up at the debate:

The fix is in

Tim Pool: Black Voices For Trump Director REMANDED WITHOUT BOND, They Are Locking Up Trump Allies.

Now this?

The Let's Go Brandon DOJ is suing Elon Musk's SpaceX for hiring Americans?  That's clown world.

How can a gaggle of idiots get EVERYTHING so uniformly wrong? Even idiots are going to get something right.  Not these guys.  It has to be deliberate. And if that's true, they are not idiots running the government, they are saboteurs. 

August 24, 2023

Ex Wagner chief Prigozhin assassinated

In Russia, it appear that Putin took out his former ally, rebellious Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin:

Not really a surprise but still an indication of who Putin really is; a scumbag, murderous dictator.

Full Tucker Carlson Donald Trump interview

President Trump did not join the GOP candidates' debate.  Instead he sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson.  Here's the full interview. 

Full GOP Debate

In the interest of sharing as much information as possible here's the full first 2024 GOP debate from August 23, 2023.

Canada court declared war on Jordan Peterson's liberty

There's a lot to digest today.  The GOP debate, the president Trump interview with Tucker Carlson.  But let's start with Canada's encroaching censorship and the court decision on Jordan Peterson.

As a Canadian citizen with an American heart, this is scary.  Jordan Peterson responds in the interview, pointing out basically that every Canadian has now been told to shut the hell up. 

August 23, 2023

Interesting take on the Fox-hosted GOP presidential debate

Megyn Kelly's take is pretty good on Trump versus Fox News regarding the presidential debate.

The takeaway is that without Trump, Fox is in dead water territory. No current, no movement.

August 22, 2023

Hottest ever. Except not.

Dr. John Robson comments on the claim of the hottest day ever based on computer manipulation of data going back only to 1979. That's not an oops, it's deliberate.

They won't let you see this truth

If the truth gets out there, they've lost the election.

August 21, 2023

It's not political?

The optics are indeed horrific - Fani Willis hosts a Democrat fundraiser while going after president Trump.  This judge was from a year ago was exactly right:

August 20, 2023

August 19, 2023

Local politics matter

This is why every single thing you can vote for, be it federal, state or local, matters.

August 18, 2023


Democrats and the media have no clue how out of touch they are.  This is why Oliver Anthony's song connects with 90%+ of Americans (and for that matter people in a lot of other countries too).  Here are two examples of the cluelessness:

August 17, 2023

So spot on it's become laughable

First, second, and now this:

How much further does this have to go before even the left wakes up to the evil right under our noses?

August 16, 2023

More spot on.

The story continues.

Spot on!

The ridiculous indictment in Georgia of president Trump is so political it's beyond fathoming.

August 15, 2023

Stark contrast in Maui wildfire responses

Let's Go Brandon:

President Trump:

The contrast is one of avoidance versus one of acknowledgement of the problem.

Not wrong


Then there's this...

August 14, 2023

Rolling Stone Magazine hates you

Rolling Stone magazine blasted both the movie Sound of Freedom (which they actually claim is a QAnon film.  No really, they said that) and Oliver Anthony's song Rich Men North of Richmond as far-right (and worse).  I have watched a vast array of reactions, from a vast array of people.  They all feel it. The song is not far-right, it speaks to 90% of America, maybe more.  It's not far right, it's everyone.  Except the elite.

Rolling Stone mistakenly believe they are part of the elite. Laughable. They are at best part of the useful idiot class. They hate those who don't view them as elite, whom they believe is the far right.  No, it's 90% of America who resonate with the truth. They know politicians don't have their best interest at heart.  They know Rolling Stone doesn't either. WE know it.  You know it.  And Rolling Stone magazine hates you for it.

The dumpster fire of a magazine has exposed itself as being on the wrong side of history.  Good. 

August 13, 2023

August 12, 2023

The Hunter Biden special counsel farce

This Merrick Garland guy was almost on the Supreme Court. Wow. And now this. Merrick Garland appoints David Weiss as the special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Who is David Weiss? Watch the video below. This is so flawed there are no words to describe how corrupt and terrible it is.  Well, except maybe this.

August 11, 2023

Chipping away at the foundation

If I were a communist I would want to take down the economy of the most powerful free market economy in the world, the United States. And in an adversarial role, you cannot simply go head to head economically with an economic superpower. You have to chip away at the edges. You have to make the United States spend money on things it shouldn't have to spend on so that you can level the playing field.  That means you go for the edges, like creating a need to build a border wall (not that the need for one was created by communists), or better still, you chip away at the foundation.

I've always said that without a robust economy you cannot do anything else (military, social security, education) and without those you have nothing - it's all about the economy.  I still believe that.  But a robust economy has to be founded on something. Yes there's a need for an abundance of land, labor and capital.  But some countries have those things and still flounder (Russia).  Why is that? I think it's because there is another ingredient required.  More foundational than an economy is a system that enables that economy, one founded on common sense, which is founded on values, which is founded on irrefutable principles

So a communist in order to subvert American principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and honorable behavior such as the Golden Rule, which in turn is deeply rooted in Christianity), you have to chip away at those, not the economy directly.  You remove the family and replace it with welfare and the education state.  You remove liberty and replace it with security (i.e. government protections).  You remove incentive and replace it with handouts.  You remove the pride in country and replace it with shame and then divide people into warring factions full of vitriol and hatred for each other. And of course you remove common sense and replace it with digestible, repeatable propaganda. You use emotion instead of logic, but logic would halt your sabotage in its tracks. 

In case you haven't noticed, all of this and more has been happening in America for decades.  It accelerated dramatically under president Obama. And while the people tried to pause it with president Trump it only abated slightly, the vitriol and hatred on one side even got dramatically worse. Under Let's Go Brandon (I see the irony of that being vitriolic) it has resumed apace. 

The infectious poison of communism established roots in America that long outlasted its source, the Soviet Union. America, that truly by now could be a bastion of hope and opportunity, is in decay.  People have slowed it for a time here and there but not vanquished or rooted out the source of the problem, which spread from places like university intelligentsia to every corner of the country.

This is the point we are at. People are awakening to it, but whether it is in sufficient numbers to stem the tide of failure and havoc this will wreak is not yet clear. 2024 will be very telling.

August 10, 2023

A star is born

Wow! This captures what millions of people are feeling so perfectly. Oliver Anthony does folk/country in a grassroots, based, populist way that is brilliant musically, poetically and politically.

Canada's economy ripe for collapse

This is a fairly accurate prediction about the future of Canada's economy.  There are a few minor things to which I would take exception, most notably the conservative party does have plans to address the housing issue as well as the economy and it was glossed over as nobody has plans to deal with this.  Otherwise, this is an accurate assessment of the current situation and likely outcome.

August 9, 2023

The Bud Light train wreck continues

When there's a train wreck in progress, it's hard not to watch. Just don't get in the way.

August 8, 2023

Jan 6th: How it's going

First it was denied. But the truth of the FBI and January 6th is slowly coming out. 

Trust first? No.

Last week I was listening to Mike Slater on the SiriusXM Patriot channel, hosting the Breitbart News Daily morning show.  He has done a good job since taking over the hosting job in recent weeks.  But he was talking about something that while true on the surface, wasn't as simple as his thoughts on it. To be fair he said he wanted to take a deeper dive into it in the future, likely knowing he was only scratching the surface.  What he said was that America needed to regain trust.

What he meant by trust was a world (or country) where your word was your bond, your handshake was your bond. He argued America needed to get back to the point where people trusted each other, people trusted the police, people trusted their government.  All true, and very commendable as a goal.  Americans need to trust their government at a minimum, it's the only way to have a functioning society. Here's the problem; trust requires honor.

Honor is a foundational principle. Trust follows honor, not the reverse. Ronald Reagan once said about the Soviet Union during nuclear disarmament negotiations.  It's actually a Russian proverb ironically.  The concept of trust but verify makes sense.  You can trust the person with whom you have an agreement, and they may have honor and stick to it.  They may not have honor. Or worse still they may have honor but the lack of verification creates the opportunity for them to take advantage of your trust.  What started out as honor may be tempted into greed or abuse of your trust.  Verifying removes the opportunity, or at least mitigates it. 

America's motto is "In God we trust." That's about the sum of it.  It doesn't say 'in the federal government we trust', or 'in everybody we trust'. That's because we can't. Trust but verify.  Today Mike Slater was talking about illegal immigration and buoys that effectively prevent people from crossing the river into America. That isn't even trust, but it certainly is a variation of verify; they are trying to verify that the border is secure, obviating the need for trust. We do not trust illegal immigrants to immigrate legally, clearly.  Trust is merely an outcome - an end-state that is derived from honor in all parties.  That is why, with the exception of God, trust is a dangerous thing if it is a foundation rather than a result of something more foundational.

August 7, 2023

Persecution for thee but not for me

Prosecution and not prosecution depends on who you are.  Compare these two clips:


Secrecy and overlordship and no questions asked (or else):

August 6, 2023

August 5, 2023

Conservative comedy

Something light-hearted for a Saturday.  Conservative stand-up comedy from Nicholas De Santo:

August 4, 2023

An update on Trudeau's censorship

Michelle Rempel Garner, a Canadian member of parliament and outspoken conservative critic of Canada's dictatorial Justin Trudeau, breaks down the new censorship and the situation going on between Canada and Facebook.  Yes, this about censorship.  It's also about revenue streams for taxation.  Sometimes it's good to just stand back and let the experts, or those in the know, speak.  Hint CNN: that's called reporting.

August 2, 2023

More Trump hunting from insane leftists

Another day another phony Trump witch hunt. 

August 1, 2023

Economic conservatism alone equals disaster

The other day I was listening to Breitbart on satellite radio, and the host was talking with a conservative millennial.  The guest was saying that his generation consisted of a lot of people who were fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  Better than nothing I suppose, but not a recipe for a strong America in the long run.  My immediate thought was "Oh, that's not good."

The guest went on to explain how conservatives should frame their argument to millenials using that lens.  I get it; you have to know your audience and speak to them in ways that reach them; use their terminologies, appeal to their innate sensibilities.  These are good ways to connect and improve your chance of winning debates, gaining voters etc. In addition, I have always maintained that the number one factor for keeping America great, or making it great again, is the economy.  Without a strong, robust economy, you have no military, you have no education, you end up like Rwanda, destitute and hopeless.  (Sorry Rwanda if that's hurtful but comparatively speaking, it's true).  So it would seem that I get the point. Economic conservatism matters most.

But it's not the whole equation. Social liberalism is inherently flawed and leads to social policies that deteriorate the United States economically but even more importantly morally and spiritually. Ultimately it would also lead to economic decay as well.  But even if it doesn't would you recognize the United States where the economy is great, business is robust, employment is low, abd wealth is high BUT abortion is legal at any point, assisted suicide is encouraged, illegal immigration is rampant, crime is rampant, corruption is rampant, drag shows in kindergarten are the norm?  Would you want to live in a country like that?

I know I wouldn't.  And a socially liberal society, inevitably ends up there. The past 50 years in all of the Western world is proof.  Not only that, it also inevitably invites socialism because all these ridiculous causes become in turn the cause celebre. They all need funding. Everyone is still a victim. Every crazy idea must be elevated. Bud Light must prevail. You get the idea.

As a strongly economic conservative it is my belief that it must stem from social conservatism first and foremost, or else it is hollow, it is sewing the seeds of its own death. Morality is at the root of everything good.  Eschewing that, you either have nothing or will end up with nothing.

July 31, 2023

Devin Archer vs. the Let's Go Brandons

Who is Devin Archer, and why does Let's Go Brandon want to take him down? Well, because he's going to tell the truth. This sums it up pretty well.

Why does Devin Archer have nothing to lose?  Here's part of the story:

July 29, 2023

Reversals galore

Republican senator John Kennedy lists the seemingly endless reversals for Judge Karoline Mehalchick, nominee to be United States District Judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. It's both hilarious and sad that she is a nominee with a tract record like this.

July 28, 2023

Rand Paul takes apart Mitt Romney's bad argument on censorship

Mitt Romney almost has a valid argument... until Rand Paul rips it apart, because it's a weak argument:

July 27, 2023

Justin Trudeau's popularity is in trouble

Justin Trudeau's popularity has finally started to show signs of suffering from his fascism and megalomania and incompetence. But sadly, i am not convinced Justin Trudeau's days are numbered quite yet.  He has an agreement with the socialist NDP party to back his party until 2025.  That's a long time off yet. In light of prime minister Justin Trudeau's recent cabinet shuffle, it might seem like he's getting ready for an election.  A cabinet shuffle is supposed to shake up the government and revitalize it.  At least that's it's positioned as for public consumption.  A cabinet shuffle is window dressing for political gain, designed to convince voters you care about their pain/suffering/plight. But it's not always done right before an election.  Not when you have this sort of popularity deficit to contend with:

Ten points is a big gap. Conservatives are gaining at the expense of most of the other big parties at the moment. Because of the vote splits, at 39% there is a solid chance of forming a majority government in Canada and not needing to form a coalition.  That's where conservatives have been trending. Because it's such a big gap, Trudeau needs time to overcome the popularity deficit.  A faux shake-up offers him a chance to do so, but not in short order.  It will take time. And as mentioned above, he has time.  He has a compliant socialist party who want to maintain their grip on their influencer status. So why would Justin Trudeau choose now for a snap election?  It makes no sense politically.

Beyond all that, his Liberal party knows how to game the system to win, even as underdogs. They have done so quite effectively in the past.  They don't need to make up ten points in polling.  they need to make up about five and then effectively running certain candidates in certain districts they can out-maneuver  the other parties and get a disproportionate share of seats.  Look, it's smart politics; as much as I hate it, I can't begrudge them that.

My hope is that as Justin Trudeau uses the cabinet shuffle to shore up support, the Conservative party does not make the same as in the last election, lean on their polling lead, win the popular election but lose the right to govern.  Hopefully they play smarter this time.  Just as in the United States, Canadian conservatives understand common sense and the principles of governing, but seemingly not the principles of winning.

July 26, 2023

America's French Revolution moment

This video has a lot of things in it that are arguably incorrect, but also a lot, a whole lot, of truths.  It argues that America is nearing it's own French Revolution:

Is it inevitable? No, but it does seem to be on the current trajectory.

July 25, 2023

July 24, 2023

Canada, a cautionary tale for America

I know that I have been posting a lot more about Canada lately than normal, especially given that this is a blog about American politics.  But in Canada lies an important cautionary tale for America: DON'T DO THIS.  Two great lessons from Andrew Scheer, the former leader of the Conservative party of Canada: firstly on crazy liberal spending leading to inflation, and secondly on the myth of the carbon tax.

Let me repeat America, DO NOT DO THIS!

Last time: DO NOT DO THIS!

July 23, 2023

July 22, 2023

Ford puts China first

Reliance on China is bad, yet companies, spurred by the next quarterly report are too focused on the idea of cheap, that they ignore common sense, they ignore long term thinking and even ignore the best interest of their country, and shareholders, for the sake of that next annual bonus.  Shameful.  Ford is yet another example.

Until we start incentivising longer term thinking, and incentivising pro-American decisioning, this will continue to happen. This does not just affect the companies making these decisions, after a while they become a national security issue.

July 21, 2023

A spate of horrible economic news

A recession could be coming. No, is coming. But here's the thing, they may have the wrong time frame on this.  A recession is inevitable and the recessionary impact is bound to be big, just when is what I question.

Debunked is it?

Debunked? What else is Let's Go Brandon gonna say except "it's not true"? But the evidence of corruption, scandal and illegal activities is already very powerful and it just keeps compiling.

Kerch Strait bridge attack - bad for Russia?

Strategically, this latest attack on the Kerch Strait bridge is bad news for Russia according to Peter Zeihan:

I know the popular conservative position on Ukraine is now hands off. I understand why. In some measure, I agree.  But Russia is still a belligerent actor, and a geopolitical threat to a stable world. Seeing Russia collapse to a nation incapable of international aggression would be a good thing. While a far more nuanced way to assist would be better and smarter, some manner of support for Ukraine in what appears to have become a war of attrition and logistics is beneficial to America, as well as the civilized world. 

If that comes in the form of intel and perhaps the occasional bridge attack that minimizes risk to American military personnel, it should be a no-brainer.  When you factor in cost of sending equipment, we are in a different conversation.

For starters, the same Let's Go Brandon who wastefully left billions of dollars of equipment in Afghanistan, is the one spending billions here, billions America truly cannot afford. This is where NATO partners could, and should step in to help.  If they don't have the wherewithal to supply equipment themselves, they could purchase equipment from the United States to share with Ukraine.  There are plenty of ways to do it.

Russia is a nation in decline, economically, geopolitically and demographically.  They are lashing out with this Ukraine incursion as part of an effort to stave off that decline. It will not work, but if the aggression goes unchecked they will keep at it as long as they can.

July 20, 2023

Justin Trudeau is ruining Canadian cities

Canada for decades has had basically an open door immigration policy. There has been a rationale behind it; Canada's birth rate is not keeping up with replacement rate requirements. This has been a common problem in industrialized nations (originally Western nations but it has spread, it's an industrial disease). In order to compensate for the problem, Canada has increased immigration levels. Both liberal and conservative governments have either explicitly approved or tacitly allowed it to happen.

Under conservative prime minister Stephen Harper it was reformed to ensure that skilled labor was given a preferential shake at citizenship. Bringing people in with no skill, no common language ability, and with questionable backgrounds makes ZERO sense. I'm looking at you Let's Go Brandon. But even this reform did not stem the tide or put sufficient control in place to manage it.

Now Justin 'blackface' Trudeau is letting people in just because it's the woke thing to do. He may in fact be the King of all Woke (and we all know, woke = ignorant). But it's even worse with Justin Trudeau, his policies are not only bad for demography and the economy; he's making others pay the bill he's running up, quite literally. He's not the only one who contributed to this problem, but he's the worst offender so far.

Toronto's mayor, a socialist, and Ontario provincial premier, a conservative have both demanded Justin Trudeau step up.  That's saying something; across the political spectrum, they see Trudeau as a failure on immigration. He of course won't step up, it's never been in his nature to do the right thing.

Common sense: will it get traction in Canada?

I cannot wait until this man, Pierre Poilievre replaces faux prime minister Justin Trudeau as Canada's leader. Common sense is just really, really good to have in a politician. Here he explains in simple terms, the economics of real estate and rents to ordinary Canadians who have real concerns.

A change is gonna come

This is anecdotal, but probably telling nonetheless:

Southern Poverty Law Center = leftist shill smear machine

John Stossel exposes a media crutch - the Southern Poverty Law Center

July 19, 2023

Bank of Canada bonuses for bad work

I just mentioned that Canada is not in good shape economically. But the Bank of Canada, despite missing a lot of obvious signs along the way (signs people with a modicum of economic knowledge could see coming), was still giving out raises and bonuses. Why?

Canada's economy secretly tanking

Justin Trudeau is Nero, fiddling while Canada burns.  The thing is if you live in Canada, like I do, you already know this, it's no secret.  Things are getting worse, hidden inflation, especially in food prices, is very, very real.  But that's not all - labor (or 'labour' as well spell it in Canada) productivity is falling, and real income is dropping well behind where it should be. 

This, is bad:

July 18, 2023

Let's Go Brandon in serious trouble

The Democrats find themselves in trouble with this slowly coming to the fore. They may yet end up forcing him out during the primaries unless they think they can stifle this long enough to make it through 2024.

Even Canada's natives hate Trudeau

Nope.  Nobody likes you.  Looks good on you.

July 17, 2023

California failure

Peter Zeihan discusses the decline of California. Forget the stupidity of their voters and leaders, it might be beyond their control.

Reporter gets schooled on common sense

Reporters have to ask questions. They need to challenge those being questioned, otherwise they are not doing their job. But when they softball one side and truly challenge the other, they become partisan hacks.  In Canada, a conservative leader, and a grocer, debunk the reporter's assertion that Canada's carbon tax not only doesn't hurt inflation but, laughably, actually helps it.  The reporter cites a study of dubious quality and gets schooled with common sense. 

Truth confronts fiction

FBI director Wray, gets called out on FBI activities by Matt Gaetz:

All of the tropes apply here. Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction never lies - it reveals the [speaker] totally. And here's my favorite: Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.
The FBI has been selling America a fiction of its own choosing, presented as fact. It's high time they get called out for being a vessel of dishonesty rather than truth and justice as was the original intent. The FBI needs to be reformed. If the keepers of the law cannot be honest, there is no hope for the country.

July 16, 2023

July 15, 2023

July 13, 2023

Data doesn't lie, except when it does

This is about something far greater than Francesca Gino, or even academia, but let's start there. Erstwhile Harvard University professor, Francesca Gino, and a highly touted one at that, who has some very impressive research papers under her belt, that turns out, have probably been faked.  Pete Judo on YouTube breaks down the details in his video Academia is broken (below).  

"Follow the science", "data doesn't lie", "the (climate change) debate is over", "elections aren't tampered with", "take the vaccine". All of that comes into question - if you can't trust the data, you can't trust the science; garbage in, garbage out.  The implications of dishonesty in academia go well beyond academia.  This one specific example helps lie waste to the whole notion of Trust Us.  

Dr. Fauci was probably lying, very often during COVID. Even if he wasn't, everything should be questioned anyway. Trust the science is a bogus notion anyway; the premise of science is to question everything, even your own results.

Academia is broken far beyond just Francesca Gino.  Regardless of whether there is a lot more fake data out there (and there no doubt is), the problem is a rotting system that demands and rewards startling results.  That's an environment that attracts and/or promotes charlatans. It's an environment that invites liars and provides a breeding ground for half-truths (like socialism). 

It doesn't get better; academia will of course fix the specific problems - the ones that get caught.  But it is under no pressure to reform itself.  It's typically subsidized by those who seek the outcomes often only falsehoods can provide.

Of course the same is true of big government; lead with the result you want and find or fabricate data to justify it.  I'm looking at you climate change. And unemployment statistics. Going after president Trump incessantly for made up crimes while ignoring the real ones made by those you embrace. 

It spreads out even to businesses like Anheuser Busch. Lead with the social governance inclusivity crap and then justify it afterwards. Lie about your intentions. Lying after the fact is just fine, it'll be great.

And now trust is gone.  Our trust as a society has been abused and now it's gone.  If it doesn't get fixed soon, Western society will crumble. Socialists wringing their hands with glee at that prospect should think twice.  Without liberty and justice for all, the world will plummet into another dark age, rife with crime, fascist dictatorial fiefdoms, and the slow but incessant decay of modern technology and industry.  In other words humanity will be set back by centuries.

We will have ourselves to blame for our complacency in not combatting this devolution.  We allowed our children to go to school to be brainwashed into groupthink. We ignored the problems in government at our own peril.  We trusted.  We were wrong.  Ronald Reagan warned us in a broader sense than just with regards to the Soviet Union when he said "trust, but verify".

July 12, 2023

Peter Zeihan's take on hypersonic missiles

Hypersonic missiles are not "all that" according to Peter Zeihan. At least for Russia and China.

July 11, 2023

Canada is not full of rabid socialists

Alberta's premier Smith proves common sense exists north of the border too.  Canada has a lot of rabid socialists, but it's not 100% of the country. In fact, there are a lot of common sense Canadians.

My inner dialogue on Let's Go Brandon's verbal gaffes

A thought occurs to me about Democrats needing to put a gag order on Let's Go Brandon.  From the perspective of the 2024 election, the more he speaks the more likely he is to lose the election. So the question for me becomes, how badly will he hurt national security if he's allowed to spew stream of semi-consciousness 'thoughts' versus how badly will he hurt the country if he gets re-elected.

There's no easy answer to that question, but I'm leaning more towards the notion that the damage from four more years of this buffoon are far greater than the occasional accurate slip of the tongue advising enemies of America's real status (like being low on ammunition). So maybe it's better for America to risk him spilling the beans from time to time than shutting him up.  The more he speaks the more he hurts his chances for re-election, and that's a good thing. 

July 10, 2023

Okay, on this I now agree with Democrats

Keep Let's Go Brandon in the basement, don't let him campaign, don't let him talk to reporters, don't let him answer questions, and shut off his microphone if he starts jabbering away incoherently because you never know what he's going to let slip out.

Democrats obviously want that because they don't want Americans seeing their 'leader' is an addle-minded fool. But when he starts spilling state-secrets for the world to hear, well, something's gotta be done.

Brutal.  Keep him quiet.

The woke matrix deconstructed brilliantly: MUST SEE!

In one brilliant lecture by Michael Shellenberger, all the woke B.S. gets wrecked. It's brilliant:

July 9, 2023

Two proposals for America

As a non-American (I'm Canadian, and it used to be a good second choice to America), it boggles my mind how an American could not appreciate how great America is (or at least, can be).  Bill Whittle tackles that in the first of two modest proposals he discusses in the video below.

Sunday verse


July 8, 2023

Has the Netherlands blown it?

An overnight coalition collapse and the Netherlands is facing an election, after it's longest serving prime minister could not come to a four party coalition agreement on a tougher immigration policy.

July 7, 2023

COVID redux

I haven't posted in a couple of days, I've been sick with COVID. It's my third time catching it and just like the last two times it seems like a really bad day or two and then the rest is like a bad cold.  Full disclosure, I never got any COVID shots.  But people in my family who did get shots, have also gotten it 2 or 3 times.  I haven't seen any difference in duration or severity between us.

Anyway, I should be back to regular posting some time this weekend.

July 5, 2023

This is not news to us

Democrats and the media have been colluding for decades. The media is part of the left's arsenal. Big tech is also a (newer) part of the left's arsenal. So this story comes as no shock to anyone with even a modest level of true political awareness:

It's not news, it's reality.

July 4, 2023

July 3, 2023

Funny? No.

I thought this was going to be funny.  Nope. Not funny. It's an indictment.

July 2, 2023

July 1, 2023

Happy Canada Day

To my Canadian readers, have a happy Canada Day! 

June 30, 2023

SCOTUS on fire: student loans are still loans

The Supreme Court's third major decision of the day, pitches a strikeout for Let's Go Brandon. It's also a strikeout for those who thought they did not have to pay for their own education.

Busy day for SCOTUS

The Supreme Court today sided with the first amendment over the woke agenda, in the second win in a row for common sense

America finally stops discrimination against Asians

But racism!!!

June 29, 2023

Obstruction, corruption, Let's Go Brandon

Sounds like a song; a bad one: 

This is mafia-level criminal activity at the highest levels of the United States government.

When early stages of dementia reveal the truth

 Let's Go Brandon...oops:

You sold a lot of state secrets???

June 28, 2023

Canada, ugh

Hot on the heels of a big "Toronto, ugh" comes fascist Justin Trudeau and his love for socialists in a blatant Canada, ugh moment. Canada is sucking huge right now, at least in some key parts of the country.

Toronto, ugh.

There are times I hold out hope for Canada regaining some common sense. This was not one of them; Toronto elected a socialist mayor this week, Olivia Chow.   In a field of over 100 candidates, she garnered roughly 37% of the vote. This comes on the heels of a squishy conservative mayor, who resigned after being caught having an affair with a staff member. There is a total of 0% good news in this story.

June 27, 2023

June 26, 2023

Peter Zeihan's take on the Russian non-coup

I think there's a confluence of things happening that are shaping Russian opposition to the war in Ukraine, or perhaps more accurately, eroding confidence in Putin's leadership.  A deep fake Putin TV broadcast is one such example; even though it was stopped and discredited quickly, the fact that it could happen in mother Russia has to have some people thinking about the ramifications of it happening in the first place.  

Another example is the non-coup. How does this impact Russian thinking about the war? Certainly not in a patriotic way.  Peter Zeihan opines on the implications of the non-coup.

The coup accomplished nothing, as far as the Wagner Group is concerned but as part of a broader picture, it may be an important signal of coming events that do not bode well for Russia.

June 25, 2023

June 24, 2023

The five laws of stupidity: more relevant now than ever

This theory has profound implications to today's society.  Watch the video, it has immense relevance, some of which I touch on below the video. 

If you think of Democrats (and establishment Republicans) as the bandits, clueless voters as the helpless and those we regard as useful idiots as the stupid people, with a small proportion of society as the intelligent people, it really starts to make sense. He mentions that the intelligent people drifting into the bandit quadrant as how societies fall apart, that makes a lot of sense too.

The question is, what can be done about it? Can stupid be fixed? Can helpless people be made aware and hopefully moved into the intelligent quadrant?  I think the latter is what we on the right are trying to do by establishing a more pervasive common sense. But is it enough? Are there enough?

The bandits would like to see as many people in both the helpless quadrant as possible because they are easier to victimize and provide profit.  They are constantly feeding the pipeline to helpless.  Inadvertently, they are creating more stupid people which long term hurts even them. Smart bandits should realize this, and perhaps some do. 

Perhaps the best way to deal with the downward spiral of society is to predict bandit behavior. Speaking about the smart bandits for example, if you know they are trying to skew others towards the helpless quadrant, leverage what they are doing. In this way, you can skew the target audience from moving towards helpless to moving more towards intelligent.  Volunteer to assist, as boots on the ground, in a bandit's effort to make people more helpless but take the opportunity to communicate relevant  information to move the recipients more towards informed intelligence.  All of society benefits from more people of intelligence.  Look at the grid in the quadrants of the video; intelligent people benefit others and themselves.

Yes, it's an uphill battle, it always will be, but it's one worth fighting.


June 23, 2023

Why "follow the science" makes no sense

The problem with the whole notion of "follow the science" and if you don't your a denier, a luddite, a fascist far-right nazi is that it's wrong.  Science itself is not supposed to follow the science.  The scientific method is to propose a hypothesis and test it.

If we followed the science in the era of Christopher Columbus, we might still think the world was flat.  Science is meant to question itself.  If Albert Einstein didn't think for himself we wouldn't have a more advanced alternative to Newtonian physics.

We HAVE to question the science, not follow it.  Any scientist who thinks otherwise, or says otherwise, any politician who says otherwise, guaranteed, has an agenda; be it climate change, vaccines or whatever else inevitably comes along that ends up getting leveraged for some agenda.

The more you lean into not questioning anything, the more you end up with cognitive bias. That is the point society has reached, prior to the change we are starting to see now. Many people are waking up to reality.  The frog in the slowly boiling pot of water may have finally realized what is happening to it. 

This nine year old, but still highly relevant video, shows the impact of cognitive bias on thought processes and a sure fire way to avoid falling into that trap.

As Bill Burr so comically put it in one of his routines, "how come you can't ask questions"? That's exactly what we should be doing as human beings, always. Otherwise we will all end up as a cog in someone's agenda, and that agenda could be quite nefarious.

Two tier justice system

Here's more on the incredible governmental scandal involving not just Hunter Biden but Let's Go Brandon himself. The two tier justice system in America is in your face evil at this point:

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