December 20, 2023

President Trump WILL be on the ballot in Colorado

Colorado has ruled that Donald Trump cannot be on the ballot in Colorado for the Republican primaries or seemingly for the general election for 2024. If you noticed how the legal cases against president Trump made him more popular, just watch what this does for him.  His popularity will rise even more.  This clearly marks a dark authoritarian turn by the Democrats.  If it happened in some Central American country we would be up in arms about that nation being in a dictatorship.  But it's happening in America.  People, especially independent voters, will notice this.

Democrats seem to believe that president Trump's support comes from some sort of cult-of-personality-based underpinning.  It's not.  His 2016 support was based on Make America Great Again which ran the gamut of border security, economic strength and America First principles among other similar notions.  While that was true, it's no longer the case. With each phony impeachment, each indictment, each attempt to deny him the chance to run again (like this latest legal attempt by Colorado), his popularity is growing not because of his core supporters, it's because people see the attempt to railroad an outsider and they don't like it.  They see the establishment going after a high profile outsider and think, if they can do that to him, they can do that to anyone, including me.

This is also voter disenfranchisement of the highest order. If Donald Trump is your candidate, you've been told your vote does not count in Colorado. Democrats have complained about voter disenfranchisement seemingly forever. But it's lip service; they just want to win elections by making it easier for them to harvest ballots without scrutiny.   It's obvious. Only conservatives have noticed to date.  But here they are doing exactly what they claim to be against. Why?  Because it was never about voter disenfranchisement, it's always been about control; controlling the narrative or in this case controlling the outcome of elections.

Nobody wants that level of control over their lives.  Sure, many Democrats want that level of control over other people's lives, but not their own. Hardcore Democrat supporters want conformity to their own ideas.  "Think like me." The establishment is similar but it's more like, "think like we tell you." But those two groups represent a small minority of Americans, thank God. And an additional blessing, they seem blind to consequences of their actions.  There will be unintended consequences.

Firstly let me say that due to the short timeline, this will immediately be raised to the Supreme Court, and it will be immediately be overturned. The 14th Amendment being used to kick president Trump off the ballot, is a federal matter. Colorado does not get to decide this. Furthermore, the president is not included in the wording of the amendment, only specific officers.  There is no way this gets upheld at SCOTUS. 

Maybe the unintended consequences that will hit Democrats are not so unintended.  Their end game could be something other than keeping Trump off the ballot.  It could be for example, an attempt to discredit the Supreme Court after they decide in Trump's favor, so that they can once again meddle with the governance and makeup of the Supreme Court.  Because the Supreme Court will side with Trump; he will be on the ballot in Colorado in 2024.

Or, in an even more sinister take, maybe it's a backdoor way to get Let's Go Brandon off the Democrat ticket.  He's trailing president Trump in most polls, most importantly in a lot of swing state polls. If this further exacerbates the gap between Trump and Let's Go Brandon for Democrats, it provides them more fodder to demand he step aside.  "Oh, look at this shiny new candidate (Gavin Newsom, or Michelle Obama) we have for you.  Surely they are a better option than Trump would be, right?

I would not put either scenario, or both past Democrats. They are insidious. They are evil. They represent decay and disorder, and they must be stopped at the ballot box

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