November 14, 2023

The Hitler 'argument' again? Really?

Three different sources I've read/heard today are saying that the Democrats' attack line for the 2024 presidential election will be Trump = Hitler.  Just like Bush = Hitler was used. It's as brain-dead as it is baseless. They have no playbook anymore; You're racist.  You're sexist.  You are a homophobe.  You are transphobe.  You're a fascist. You're Hitler. If you don't agree, if you are their political adversary, that's their go to argument. That is their playbook. It's all they've got because they certainly don't have reason or sense or facts on their side. Nevertheless, be ready for it:


  1. To link Hitlers name to every politician you disagree with lessens the impact of what the Nazi dictator did. This is a ridiculous ploy and a sure sign of a weak argument.


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