October 30, 2021

Wait, apparently Twitter is...right-leaning???

According to a report, Twitter is unfairly amplifying voices from the right. Most people on the right see Twitter as a progressive cesspool. But nope, not true (*sarcasm*):
Last week, Twitter released a 27-page, in-depth analysis that relied significantly on AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ to explore whether Twitter’s recommendation algorithms amplify political content.

The report found media outlets AllSides rates as being on the right are amplified slightly more — 4% more — than outlets AllSides rates as on the left.

Among other things, the analysis sought to examine whether Twitter’s algorithm amplifies certain types of political groups more than others, and whether some news outlets are amplified more than others. Twitter also looked at whether news media algorithmic amplification favors one side of the political spectrum more than the other.

 All Sides concludes that it is pleased to see "Twitter exploring potential bias in its algorithm using AllSides Media Bias Ratings™, and hope to see more research of this type in the future."  But frankly, this smacks of Twitter using a system to justify it's treatment of conservatives.

It doesn't take into account shadow-banning of conservatives, outright banning of well known conservatives  and the potential methodology involved.  That all aside, Twitter is openly an echo chamber of the left and a lot of us on the right have had to abandon it for Parler or Gettr.  We see it for ourselves.  I work with statistics as part of my job.  I understand that anecdotal evidence is not the way to interpret the world.  But I also understand that statistics can be manipulated.  Computer models that rely on statistics are only as good as the inputs and rules they have been instructed to use.  Statistics in short, can be manipulated, and in fact it is not easy to remove bias from statistics.  They are valuable, but only when used properly, not designed to serve a narrative.

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