November 25, 2021

Hey GOP, just do it anyway

Many conservatives and many Republican party members want there to be term limits for Congress and the Senate. This would stop us from being continually faced with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the likes of Mitch McConnell. The problem is the political willpower to get it done as a legislative change or even better, a Constitutional Amendment.

Fair enough.

So here's an idea; just make it a GOP party rule.  No one can join the party as any type of representative unless they are willing to agree and adhere to the party rule.  You break the rule you lose party membership and lose any committee standings you might have.  Simple.

It doesn't solve the problem of us having to look at Nancy Pelosi's face on the news most every day.  Not initially anyway.  But it does accomplish a few other things.  Firstly it keeps new blood in the GOP on a regular basis, which strips from Republicans the opportunity to become self serving insider opportunists.  That in turn makes the GOP look more fresh than the Democrat dinosaurs they are facing off with, that might pressure Democrats into adapting a similar idea.

Of course the danger is that they  might try to leverage it to argue we should do the same with court appointments.  Maybe as part of a deal on a Constitutional amendment. But that is a hurdle for another day.  So too might be using it to clean out the executive branch leadership positions like the IRS, FEC, HHS, the Pentagon, etc. of political hacks on the left.

There is no significant downside to making it a GOP only rule for now.  That is unless you are an establishment Republican who is benefitting from the status quo.  But here's the rub on that - it will confirm who needs to be rooted out of the party.

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