March 24, 2010

Coulter witnesses the ugly side of Canada.

I'm not talking health care. Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak in the nation's capital of Ottawa but unruly protests prevented her from attending her speaking engagement. It is embarrassing, as a Canadian to read that and I would like for her to know that not all Canadians - even those in universities - are that stupid.

Some of us, many of us, actually get the idea of free speech. Let it serve as a glimpse for the rest of America, what it's like when liberals attack. We've got a 40 year jump on the U.S. In terms of liberal cultural imperialism here in Canada. It gets worse. While we do now have a conservative government, it's fragile and the thaw from the frost of liberal socialist dogma is slow indeed.

Don't let what happened here happen in the United States. it's true similar situations have happened at universities in American cities when conservatives have tried to speak. Protests are in themselves an act of free speech. However the threat of violence is unacceptable - unless apparently you are on the far left.

For details see here. For apologies - well, I'll apologize on behalf of Canada, but it won't mean much coming from someone who is not only ashamed of the actions of others, but who is far more ideologically alighned with the target than the attackers.


  1. Coulter herself has said that she favors repressing speech that she disagrees with.

  2. That's called sarcasm. Look, she's not the best spokesperson for conservatism, because she says bombastic things to get attention. But that doesn't mean her speech should be suppressed. Everyone is entitled to speak.

    Of course everyone is entitled to ignore her. Just because she says things you don't like, doesn't mean she should be silenced. That's oppressive.

    If, as your profile seems to indicate (I don't want to make an over-arching assumption based on what I've seen), you are liberal, surely you can stand a little bit of free speech? If you can't handle alternative viewpoints, then you aren't really about liberty.

    Homogeneity is unhealthy. Let her speak, and ignore her if you don't like it. If enough people ignore her, the free market will take care of it. If she has an audience that bothers you, then speak out in terms of your views and try to explain why they are better than hers. Nobody is stopping you from speaking your mind - unlike what happened in Ottawa, which was small-minded.


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