March 19, 2010

Stopping Democrats from robbing you blind

This has been shown everywhere already, but I can't not post it because it is just so telling;

Stop us before we steal more from you. Bold. Stupid, but bold. Being so honest is either a sign of arrogance, or a cry for help. In either case, voters should help these Democrats OUT. If only it were that straightforward. Like anything else worth doing, it's going to require some hard work.

The problem is those voters who are co-dependent. What's needed is a massive intervention, and before the November elections. I'm talking about an intervention with the uninformed electorate. Conservatives need to get out there and engage those who are not like-minded, with reasonable coherent and civil discussion, in order to point out why Democrat ideas have long since worn out their 'usefulness' and that other ideas will work better. Tell people what conservative ideas are, but also why they make sense. There are groups out there willing to listen, start there. Ideas grow on their own, you just need to plant the seeds.

UPDATED: Link fixed.

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