March 27, 2010

Harry Reid under siege

Today the Tea Party Express is in Harry Reid's back yard. Harry is in tough to retain his seat this fall. That's the good news. Harry, who fashions himself as a champion of the little man, helped pass Obamacare which will prove the undoing of the entire country, little man included.  But what is galling is the ease with which the Senator plays politics with unemployment while accusing his opponents of doing it.

Doing some research on Reid I came across the following posted on his website back in 2006.

Washington, DC — Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on new economic numbers that show the continuing failure of Bush economic policies.

“While some investors may be reaping the rewards of record high stock market, today's jobs numbers show workers are still hurting in the Bush economy. It's because the President and the Republican Congress haven't done enough to help everyone get ahead. Under their economic policies, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is getting squeezed.

“President Bush may be ‘pleased’ with what his economy has done, but hard-working families know America needs a new direction. The American workforce is second to none. We work hard. We produce. And on a level playing field, we can't be beat. It's time for Washington to quit stacking the deck against America's workers and their families. We need leaders who will fight for the middle class, which starts by creating good jobs that pay.”
Where's his release for the current economic malaise? Wow, this hypocrisy you have to see for yourself;

“Republicans continue to treat the American people as expendable political pawns. Now, they won’t even agree to a vote on their own amendment to an extension of benefits for unemployed workers. Their frustration with not getting their way in the debate on health insurance reform should not be placed on the backs of out-of-work Americans.”
Pawns huh? So back in 2006 when unemployment was at 4.4%, Bush was doing a terrible job. That's not using the middle class as pawns? And now with unemployment at a questionable 9.7% DOUBLE THAT RATE, Republicans wanting accountability on runaway government, clearly part of the problem because it's certainly not acting like part of the solution, the GOP is playing politics? Tis to laugh Senator.

To his credit back in February, Reid took full responsibility for getting America back to work;

“Today’s meeting with the President was productive. I applaud his continued efforts to work on a bipartisan basis to strengthen our economy. One of the most important issues on the minds of people in Nevada and across the country is the need to create jobs. Last year we took steps that prevented a bad situation from becoming worse, but it’s time to make our country strong again. Senate Democrats remain hopeful that our Republican colleagues will work with us this week to take swift action and pass legislation to help businesses thrive and create jobs.”
Should start to see the impacts of that stimulus bill any minute now....


  1. Let's make Sen. Reid a very lame ol' duck in November. We have to watch out what he does in congress between now and January 2011. With nothing to gain he might go for broke. We need to keep a lid on those leftist clowns in congress and repeal the health care monstrosity. Keep up the great work here & never give up!!

  2. Thanks, and well said. I'm hoping he is as blithely ignorant of the polls on his approval as he was on the health care polls, but I suspect not. Retire Reid, a good slogan for 2010.


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