March 14, 2010

Your country is in trouble when...

You know your country is in trouble when...

-States can't afford to pay your tax refund just yet. Forgetting for the moment that the states are obviously trying to do too much for the amount of tax they can reasonably collect.

-The government, despite rhetoric about energy independence, does it's level best to stop the use of domestic natural resources (oil, natural gas) to support a fictional scientific claim.

-The IRS pursues 4 cents outstanding from a car wash. Who knows how much it cost the IRS to pay the owner a visit. But it certainly cost them some public relations goodwill.

-Tom Hanks is unhinged.

-Breast milk assaults are on the rise (okay, from zero to one).

-The speaker of the house is going to pass the massively burdensome health care bill, or is delusional enough to think it will pass when she doesn't have the votes.

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