March 7, 2010

Rasmussen: GOP winning "Trust on Issues" battle

According to Rasmussen, the GOP is winning the battle of Trust on Issues by the public, with an 8 of 10 win streak.

Ironically, given the scandals of Democrats, one of the two Democrats lead on, and significantly I might add, ethics in government, is something that should be in the GOP column. That it isn't, is surprisng and an opportunity for both parties to leverage. Hopefully the GOP get there first.

The other issue, education requires the public get some education on the GOP have better ideas on education. yet another irony.

Rasmussen's numbers:

Democrats 41%
Republicans 46% +5

National Security
Democrats 37%
Republicans 47% +10

Democrats 38%
Republicans 42% +4

Health Care
Democrats 42%
Republicans 45% +3

Democrats 41% +3
Republicans 38%

Democrats 34%
Republicans 39% +5

Social Security
Democrats 39%
Republicans 42% +3

Democrats 37%
Republicans 48% +11

Government Ethics
Democrats 35% +7
Republicans 28%

Democrats 38%
Republicans 42% +4

Add the +/- together and the GOP are +35 points. Over 10 issues thats an average of GOP +3.5 per issue. And Rasmussen also has them +9 on the generic Congressional ballot. All told, that's a good amount of evidence pointing towards solid Republican Congressional gains in 2010.

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