March 25, 2010

Don't Believe the ACORN Fold

ACORN - bankrupt morally, and now financially - is dying, and the death is being cheered by those of us on the right. But not so fast. This venture was set up for nefarious purposes and having been exposed was destined to have to shut down.  But that doesn't mean those nefarious purposes have suddenly disappeared, and that the people involved have evaporated into a cloud of shame and regret.  Nope.  These progressive activists are in it for the long haul and they will probably open up a new shop under a name like CASHEW and pick up exactly where they left off.

Just because ACORN is closing shop, doesn't mean they're going away.  Not really.  When you wipe out an infestation of pests, just because you don't get the entire colony, doesn't mean you don't try.  The colony can't be allowed to grow to the point where it cannot be removed.  Similarly, ACORN, slowed is better than ACORN in full stride.  The important task now is to make sure that as soon as the new incarnation of ACORN springs up, the light shines on it right away.  The pests mustn't be allowed to get right back to the questionable tactics, illegal recommendations and bad policy promotion they are well known for.

Follow the money, and follow the radicals.  Look for some of them to show up in the group Project Vote, or George Soros' group (OSI), or the radical Tides Foundation which under the guise of charity, funnels money to other radical organizations, or the Center for Community Change. Or perhaps more directly into ACORN-founded Working Families or ACORN affiliates that have changed their names like the ACCE in California or the ACO in Arkansas. There is an entire rabbit warren of these progressive nation-destroying Cloward-Piven driven activists. They use compassion as a guise to destroy America by burdening the system to the point of economic collapse.  

Keep an eye out for the names Wade Rathke, Bertha Lewis, Steven Kest, Andrew Stern, Maude Herd and Mike Shea. Where these people show up, there will be trouble brewing.  When you start to look into this web of organizations it gets a little frightening.  Watch Glenn Beck and he may sound like a kook but he's not. I like Beck on the issues but I always figured he was a little over the top on some of his conspiracy stuff.  Once you start looking around, his worries start to materialize for you as you do. Despite the validity or lack thereof in the idea of conspiracy, the fact does not change that hundreds of these organizations exist and the all have progressive agendas.  That needs to be stopped, or at least countered.

The only way I can see to counter this type of nebulous effort is with the same sort of nebulous effort on the right. Surely the right can counter community outreach with community outreach?  After all, it's been proven that conservatives are per capita more charitable than liberals.  And our charitable outreach would be driven by an objective of helping, not using, the disenfranchised.  And a little bit of eye opening along the way wouldn't hurt.  I'm not talking about the brainwashing you see on the left. The only way to fight the darkness is with light, specifically, the light of truth.


  1. Just like a hustler chased from a street corner, they'll just pop up again a few blocks down the road. A new name, a new logo, but the same old progressive agenda and tactics.

  2. Exactly. I started looking into it and I was stunned by the extensive size of the web of progressive organizations. It's like some subversive cult using a bunch of shell fronts to get people through the doors so they can start passing out the Kool Aid.


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