March 4, 2010

The Next Set of Democrat Villians? Democrats.

Wait for it.  Republicans having been villified in the mainstream media and by Democrats as the party of 'No!' (as I've said before it's not strong enough.  they should embrace the label of the party of 'HELL NO!'), will experience a temporary reprieve as the Democrats, running out of people to paint as villains, will for a while, turn on Democrats.

Nobody is safe.  Doctors, pharmaceutical companies, bankers, insurance companies, and car companies have all in turn felt delbierate, Democratic misdirecting wrath.  But with the party of "No!" pretty much set in their positioning on the ultimate cash for a clunker of healthcare, Democrats will try to cajole their reluctant soldiers into a partisan vote.  For many it will be a march of an electoral cliff and for some of those, it won't be an option.  In other words, they'll need a label in order to be bullied into line.

I'm predicting they'll be called the "patsies of No!"  That's worth a laugh.

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