March 29, 2010

Finally, Tough Immigration Reform!

Oops - it's in Canada;
First a hug, then the hammer.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney did a smiling impersonation of a warm and furry welcome mat on Monday, throwing open Canada's arms to a higher wave of refugees for resettlement here, the winners qualifying for up to two years of food and shelter on the government's tab.

But on Tuesday a harder-nosed Kenney will strap on steel-toed boots to kickstart a faster exit for system-clogging unqualified asylum-seekers who only qualify for a taxpayer-financed plane ticket.

His bill will target bogus and backlogged refugees for eviction within a year, dramatically shortening a process than can drag on through pointless appeals for more than two years while costing up to $50,000 before a handcuffed claimant is marched to a departure gate for deportation.

The plan will apparently free up funds to hire a beefed-up immigration security force and introduce a program to finance an early exit for those surrendering to the system who meekly want to go home.
Oh well, surely the U.S. has something similar in the pipeline ...................................

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