March 26, 2010

Dictator Watch - March 26, 2010

A quick focus on North Korea and Kim Jong Il.  apparently they think it's okay to torpedo the South Korean Navy. 

From Breitbart,
South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported an explosion in the rear of the 1,200-ton ship and said the military had not ruled out the possibility of an attack by North Korea. However, the military official said the exact cause was not immediately clear and said he could not confirm the Yonhap report.

A rescue mission was under way and the military moved to strengthen its vigilance near the maritime border, the site of three bloody naval clashes in the past between the warring Koreas. The divided peninsula remains in a state of war because the three-year Korean conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty, in 1953.

Earlier Friday, North Korea's military threatened "unpredictable strikes," including a nuclear attack, in anger over a report that South Korea and the U.S. were preparing for possible instability in the totalitarian country.
 It's too easy to start blaming Obama because of his especially obsequious stance on foreign policy. The question is, 'why not'?  If North Korea feels like it can get away with sinking South Korean ships on President Obama's watch, that's saying something about the LACK OF RESPECT they have for the U.S. because they fear no consequences.  That said, the U.S. President does not shoulder all the blame.  North Korea clearly is the guilty party here.  The United States is at best responsible in a role of negligence that has contributed to the boldness of Kim Jong Il and/or his underlings.

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