March 22, 2010

Obamacare - fight or flight?

[NOTE:I've deliberately avoided reading any blogs/morning news this morning before I've had a chance to put my thoughts together on the disemboweling of America last night by the Democratic Party. As a result you might find reading through this that there are sentiments that echo (or are echoed by) what you've read or heard elsewhere. That's okay. It's cliche to say great minds think alike, and I don't claim to be a great mind. However it is possible that a lot of people will come to similar conclusions just because those conclusions are unavoidable - some truths are self-evident.]

Last night I unleashed a lot of pent up thoughts via comments on Twitter, managing for the most part to avoid expletives and name-calling. I'll include some in a follow up post for mere titillation purposes. I read a lot of similar thoughts from others, some feeling truly bitter or despairing. I have the luxury of not being directly affected because I live in Canada where we are already subjected to the health care mediocrity you are about to have unleashed upon you in America. I'm not kidding when I say "Welcome to the waiting room".

The question for conservatives now is fight or flight?

While anyone who is considering abandoning the country I would encourage to consider Canada (an influx of American conservatives would help our conservative movement), my recommendation has been to stay and fight. You can still beat this thing. True, it's going to be signed into law by the President tomorrow. But it's not one of the Ten Commandments written in stone. Repealing it might be tough but Prohibition was repealed, and that was a Constitutional Amendment. While times have changed, the improbable is never impossible. As conservatives you have to remember that unlike progressives, we learn from the past. Prohibition's repeal provides us with proof that it can be done. Maybe not in 2011, but before 2013.

As an added bonus with all that massive tax collection that will result sooner, we might end up as beneficiary deficit hawks.

The real fight begins today, despair is not an option. Now is the time for conservative community activism. Protests are one thing, and they should continue. What is needed though is more tangible - money and education. Start dialogue, civil dialogue with those who can be convinced that national health care is wrong. Explain why. Use community events, use whatever medium is available. But do not lecture. Conservatism can only win by winning hearts and minds. Some of the strongest advocates of conservative positions are former liberals.

As an American, it is a moral imperative to save the United States from fiscal destruction. What once was a moderate decay, has become an urgent fiscal flood. In concert, every conservative must act.

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