March 21, 2010

Win or lose, this is not the end

Just a quick reminder or recap for you: The Congressional vote expected today is a point of singularity in a convoluted and incomplete process. Whether the vote goes our way or not, while important, is not the end of the road. Not only is it a small part of the health care debate, it's a small part of a much bigger task.
This might seem like the end, but so did the first Congressional vote that passed the bill, and so did the Senate vote.  The fact of the matter is that even if this passes it won't be the end.  There is the matter of the add-ons they will send back to the Senate.  There is the matter of Constitutional challenges to the process, although it sounds like deem and pass might get ditched for a straight up vote.  Then there's the matter of attempting to repeal it.  Should it pass, that should be the first words of the GOP response.

The media is calling this Obama's 'final push' as if the narrative has already been written. It serves as an excuse in case of failure, but more importantly it serves as a great 'Obama the hero' story if it passes.  No doubt you've read news stories about how this has been the Holy Grail for liberals/Democrats/progressives since FDR.  To make this seem a battle of epic proportions against impossible odds in order to glorify the President is as wrong as it is inevitable should it pass. Do not forget that for a year Democrats had a 75+ seat majority in Congress and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  This was not impossible odds they had to beat - it was Democrat in-fighting that made for a drawn out year.  That and protest from the people scaring some Democrats into rationality.  If it fails, it will be portrayed as the fault of the Republican obstructionists (and they should take that as a compliment) and pointed out that they did have those supposedly impossible odds to beat. President Obama came as close as anybody could have come, they will say. With the narrative, liberals want it both ways. The truth, is just one more part of that bigger battle to be fought.

The bigger battle I speak of is the battle against the slide towards socialism and the slipping away from the very environment that existed with the conditions that made American great.  American exceptionalism did not come from being like everyone else.  That's not how you get to be great. Why try to be just another European style socialist democracy?  It's not exactly working wonders for them.  European excellence happened centuries before when they allowed innovation and risk and reward, through capitalism. Now they've shackled it and it has shackled them.  Why go down that road, when you see where it leads? This is the battle war that matters.  The best thing President Obama may have done for the country, his legacy when the history books are written, may have been to have awakened the citizenry of the country to the corruption, to the backroom deals, and to those end goals of liberals towards making America un-American.  Now that the people have been awakened and been insulted for having awakened, there may be no turning back.  Passion for their future and their country has been stirred.  As Ronald Reagan  once said, and it is true moreso now than even when he said it, this generation has a rendez-vous with destiny.  That destiny, is to pull America back from the brink of destruction caused by the suffocation of liberty at the hands of a liberal progressive agenda. Do not falter.

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