March 17, 2010

ObamaCare versus the Consitution

Deem it.  Slaughter it.  Trample the Constitution in the process.  What is transpiring before our very eyes is sickening.  It is not only the passage of an utterly unwise bill, but it is flagrant disrespect for the Constitution, and the very ideals that made America great.  And, as it is disrespect for those ideas, it is by proxy disrespect for America.  Those perpetrating this agenda clearly know no shame.   The time for thoughtful deliberation of the ideas under consideration is systemically and willfully being made short.  This is not how the government of the United States was intended to work. But you already know this to be true.

Consider this an alert. To bypass the will of the people, to bypass the checks and balances built into this government by the Constitution, to endanger the economic future of the nation, all these things so far reaching in their consequence, if taken so lightly will have dramatic repercussions for all. That is not a warning or a threat - it is a statement of fact. I have no idea what form those repercussions might take, but I fear those consequences could be dramatic.

I'm not saying Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes here, but make of it what you will.  If you trample the Constitution, you disrespect the nation.  If you disrespect the nation, it's pretty clear what level of respect you should expect in return from its citizens.  The calls for Pelosi's impeachment in that context, are certainly understandable.

Those crying for impeachment will no doubt be shamefully portrayed in the media as an unruly, unintelligent mob. But that is not where the real shame lies. The shame lies with those who are destroying the nation from within. Whether it is willful, or simply misguided no longer matters. What is apparent, is that there is deliberate disregard for the people who require a meaningful debate over the merits and costs of massive bill. 2700 pages debated for a year, is not a serious debate. It is simply too large to contemplate in such a short time. Why has no real consideration been given to taking it in smaller pieces to discuss, debate and vote on in isolation? The answer is because it is an agenda driven bill, that is being forced with a false urgency, that it is feared by those pushing it, could not stand the scrutiny of reasoned debate. They are forcing the people of America to swallow the massive poison pill in one gulp. If you stop to analyze what you are consuming, you wouldn't consume it.

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