March 29, 2010

Dictator Brief (no Watch) - a bad day

Two items to update today, firstly the S. Korean ship that sank was reportedly not hit by a torpedo but rather it hit a Korean War era mine.  That's convenient.  It prevents an escalation in the region, but then again so does President Obama's foreign policy uber-softness (aka pansy status).

Secondly there was a pair of suicide explosions this morning in Moscow. Does that escalate the terrorism problem in the eyes of the Kremlin?  Probably not.  Aligning with the U.S. on terrorism is counter-productive to Soviet the current Russian regime's aims. An acceptable level of loss may be the new reality in Russia.  30-40 deaths including no government apparatchiks is meaningless.  Plus it provides a domestic opportunity to clamp down further on all things not Putin.

Now appearing to align with the U.S. on this important issue does align with their aims.  Keeping a soft foreign policy President in power beyond 2012 allows the Russian leadership to continue to flout U.S. interests.  So expect a statement of co-operation in the near future.  It dovetails well with the newest strategic arms reduction treaty agreements.  All is peace and love between the former adversaries, go back to your daily lives, nothing to see here.  Sadly, that helps Obama as much as Putin/Medvedev, and the Whitehouse will tout both measures as much as the Russians.  Meanwhile Russia will continue to deal with the likes of Iran in virtually plain sight.

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