March 28, 2010

Anti-Democrat? We'll take it.

Mean Ol' Meany has a great post, no doubt born out of aggravation and frustration about practically everything left, it's definitely worth a read. The main focus is the mainstream media's bias regarding how the Democrats and the President are portrayed.  It's always in the same glowing terms.

From his post, the main focus on the MSM,
...the HUGE meme this past weekend was racial epithets and a Congressman getting spit upon were the main stories. HuffPo has the "spitting" video claiming, like nutcases, that it proves the charge of SPITTING. Go watch it, now. It is so very blatantly obvious that this was an accident, much like getting doused with spittle every time you appear on Chris Matthews unwatched show, that it is utterly LAUGHABLE. Yet, has there been ANY RETRACTION at all? Folks, there never will be a retraction. They show the video, yet DOUBLE DOWN with the 'spitting' lie in the very same post. Do they honestly believe what they are publishing? If they do, then they are stark raving insane and can never be helped to see the truth when it is staring them in the very face.

WATCH THE VIDEO, PLEASE. You can see what the Barrystream Media is saying is utterly and completely FALSE. As always.


The media cannot ever allow an honest debate on anything because their side would never win that debate. They simply must divide to conquer and race is always a winning way to do that.
Or perhaps it was the ideological wrongness of Democrats;
While evidence MOUNTS to prove beyond any doubt that the Democrats' ideology is wrong, the national media continues their support for policies that have never worked in history. Even The New York Times asks, "Will it work this time?" Of course NOT. But, that shall never keep the Democrats from holding on to a failing platform that has never worked at any time it is tried.

Why in the world would the Democrats jettison their ideology? They won't because morons keep lining up at the feed trough to get more "free stuff" from people that are taxed into oblivion. And the Democrats keep promoting the divisive ideology that they always have. Whites v. Blacks, Rich v. Poor, one religion v. another, gay v. straight, they have all the right/wrong moves to keep getting elected.
In any case, go read it there.  He's not afraid to say what so many think, and on a world of political correctness, you gotta respect that.  Wait, maybe that was his main point...


  1. Thanks for link, Dean, I am certainly fed up to my eyeballs with the national media.

  2. As always, you say it well Paul.


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