March 20, 2010

It Ain't Over Baby!

Some encouraging news on killing the health care billtoday courtesy of Strat-sphere;

According to The Hill’s whip count Dems are within in one ‘no’ vote of Obamacare failing. They show 36 in the “no”, “leaning no” or “likely no”. The magic number is 37 defections and the bill goes down. Lots of wishy-wash in those numbers, except they also count 47 undecided or unknown?

Now since then Hot Air has reported that there was another flip to No, and Fox News this morning is reporting another flip back to a Yes.

Keeping track of the Congressional fliping is about as easy as herding cats.

UPDATE 9:17 a.m. EDT: Another New York Democrat flipped to Yes.  Fox scores it 217-214 for Yes votes.  CALL NOW!

UPDATE 11:08 a.m. EDT: The Examiner is reporting that Fox says the Dems have the 216 votes they need, while the Washington Post says they don't. HuffPo won't state that they do have the votes, and Talking Points Memo won't say either. Interesting that liberal pundits are saying no and Fox is saying yes. Perhaps both sides are trying to press the fear factor to keep the pressure on, or both sides are being pessimistic or cautious.

UPDATE 12:27 EDT: On Fox - No deal for |Stupak - either it's not needed or the Democrats can't make it happen

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