March 7, 2010

Top 20 Democrat Scandals of The Obama Era - Part 1

There has been a spate of Democrat scandals of late, but it should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. With a President who had a series of dubious associations leading up to the election, and a good number of brewing scandals due to erupt, including things like global warming falsification and lead-ins like Eliot Spitzer's hypocrisy, it would be surprising if there WEREN'T a bunch of scandals under the 'squeaky clean, open and honest' Obama-Pelsoi-Reid era.

20) Norman Hsu who was convicted last year for illegally funneling tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, among them, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

19) 'Mysteriously' retiring Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd, who had been trailing in the polls for re-election, had also been trailing a string of scandals. The latest Dodd scandal involved the AIG bailout money and the bonuses kerfuffle;

In February, Dodd inserted an amendment into the stimulus bill ensuring that executives of firms bailed out by the government could still collect already-contracted bonuses. When that became so controversial this month, Dodd at first denied doing the dirty work -- then admitted it, but tried to blame the Obama administration.

18) Just the latest in a string of recent scandals for Democrats, New York Democrat Congressman Eric Massa is to resign tomorrow over allegations of sexual harassment of a male staffer. Apparently the allegations are not isolated either.

17) Democrat John Edwards' baby scandal, while married to another woman is a pretty big scandal. The only reason it doesn't rank higher, is because of his overall lack of relevance now. That's a stunning fall from VP candidate to virtual nobody in 6 years. Imagine the size of this scandal if Kerry and won the Presidency in 2004 and Edwards had been the VP? Now, yawn.

16) Here's one you might not have been aware had happened. A trio of Democrats, Reps. Murtha, Visclosky and Moran have been linked to suspicious activity related to the PMA lobbying group. While others were under investigation as well, (including a couple of Republicans to a smaller extent, but mostly Democrats), and Murtha and Moran have been cleared by the Congressional commission looking into the ethics issues, the FBI investigation continues and indictments are still quite possible.

15) New York Governor, Democrat David Paterson, outed by the NY Times because he isn't as electable as his heir apparent Andrew Cuomo, was accused of tampering in a domestic violence case of an aide, and then with accepting illegal Yankees tickets. The real scandal here, is that the New York Times seems to only go after Democrats if they can't help the liberal cause, at which point, apparently those Democrats become toxic assets and have got to go.

14) Related to a higher ranked scandal, is Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr., who was willing to play ball and bribe his way into the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama.

13) Alan Mollohan.  Who? The 14 term Democrat Congressman who set up a bunch of non-profit organizations to funnel cash to his district, and ultimately, himself.  The scandal dates back many years, but the reason it's a scandal now?  Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder, has let him off the hook.  Why?  Maybe because Mollohan provide the template for some of the groups like ACORN that helped out President Obama in his run for President.  Of course that's just speculation.

12) Health care bribes like the Cornhusker Kickback to Democrat Ben Nelson.  This is probably the most visible Democrat bribe in modern history (which oddly, involved no money but rather an opt-out) but it wasn't alone.  Democrats Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Mary Landrieu and Carl Levin were 'special cases' and just the ones we know about.  The blatant bribery is in one word, atrocious.

11) Angelo Mozilo.  Again, who?  He was one person deeply involved in the subprime mortgage scandal, related to Democrat Chris Dodd and others like Democrat Byron Dorgan.  Fox News explains;

Dodd has been engulfed by scandals, including the revelation that he received a special sweetheart deal on a mortgage from Countrywide Financial under that company's corrupt "Friends of Angelo Mozilo" mortgage program that provided below-market loans to elected officials (Dorgan was also implicated, by the way). The scandal was especially damaging for Dodd because as chairman of the Banking Committee he was responsible for oversight of companies like Countrywide that were at the center of the housing crisis that brought the U.S. economy to its knees.
And as the Washington Times points out, this happened during a period of Republican Congressional representative and Senate dominance.  So you'd think most of the recipients of favors, would be Republicans.  So why are the Democrats resisting helping the investigation, especially now when they could use some damaging news on Republicans. Hmmmm.

Continued here.


  1. I don't see an end to these scandals.Principles, integrity, honesty, virtue, scholarship, character seem foriegn and obsolute and old fuddy-duddy. Perhaps borrowing from Caligula or one of those Caesars "I do as I please". Morals are laughed at mocked and ridiculed. I hate to say it but Mrs. Obama need to tone herself down. She's a first lady and it seems she has her "business in the dtreet" and give the impression "you want this?". She need to stop. Of course this is looked upon as trendy and chic. Her daughters will wind up the same way as most of these tacky types i.e. acentuating their derrie` with those spikes.

  2. In my ole way of thinking, this President along with his
    A.G. Will go down as one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt administrations in the history of this nation.

    I also believe that Eric Holder will be made out a liar as far of his knowledge into the FAST & FURIOUS scandal this is starting to go to a slow boil.

    No doubt that Holder knew and I will bet that Obama knew as well, if proven Obama is done and Holder should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

    Great Post


  3. I hope that someday the citizens of this country become intelligent enough to reject corruption from both parties, rather than just the opposing party. Reagan had the most corrupt administration in our country's history and he is loved by so-called conservatives. Clinton made corruption part of the Democratic Party's political game plan and he left office with a sky-high approval rating. Perhaps someday we will learn to put our own self-interest ahead of our party.


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