March 23, 2010

Conservatives - the country needs your help

Conservatives typically have had an enterprising spirit. The entrepreneurial spirit is what made this country great.  That along with an understanding of liberty, justice, drive, and a whole bunch of other factors.  The country stands at a precipice.  Those who seek social justice have abandon all attachment to restraint - fiscally and socially.  What they have foisted upon an unwitting American public in the guise of health care, is yet another enormous burden.  It is a burden, combined with other similar burdens, that will last for many generations - should the country survive long enough to endure the heavy fiscal weight.

The United States cannot be saved by politicians.  Well meaning conservative politicians are good, but they are outnumbered.  The help the country needs comes from the ground up.  It will come from education - reaching out to those who are unsure about conservatism, and eventually, to those antagonistic to it.  Without more support, conservatives will not be able to undo the damage that is being done in the name of social justice - be it health care, affirmative action, or global warming hysteria.

Are you a conservative African American or a conservative Hispanic?  Do you want to achieve your success based on a quota rather than your own excellence?  Do you want to be recognized as a proud contributor to a great country rather than viewed with suspicion as to the legality of your origins in the country?  Then you need to speak out - not only in support of conservative candidates, but within your own community to those who would regard you as a sell out.  You are not a sell out - you are tuned in more than your adversaries to what makes America unique and worth defending.  Do you belong to a church that can help by having discussion groups about owning your own charitable efforts rather than leaving it to government?   Are you engaged in conversations with your neighbors about politics?  Are you well versed in the issues of the day and the tactics of the left?  Are you involved in the field of education or media?  What can you do to help? It's all about community outreach.

Winning back the government for the people boils down to a few key things;

1) Money
2) Education of the public in the conservative side of every issue
3) Vetting your candidates in the primaries
4) Consistent and constant communication

If ever you were inclined to help save your country, if ever you felt like you wanted to do something because Washington or your state capital or city hall has lost its mind, NOW IS THE TIME.  Don't wait for someone else to do it.  That's what progressives count on.  You have to become involved yourself.  Go on the Internet and research how you can help out in your area.  Let's face it, most people view politics as boring, but in times like these, when your country is under siege by government expansion - you don't even have to call it socialism - politics has to be a passion because your country, your very freedom and independence has to be a passion.  And whether you like it or not, the two are increasingly tied together. More government IS less liberty.  When the government can punish you financially for not getting health care, who is to say they won't at some point in time do the same for not buying a government GM car?  Or who is to say they can't change the form of that penalty from financial to incarceration.

The government isn't supposed to run things - it's supposed to be a referee so that business and people don't take advantage of each other.  Government has moved beyond that realm into the realm of ownership.  In my referee analogy that makes them a player.  But they are still the referee too.  You can see how that won't work, can't you?

And surely, if you can see it, you can get others too see it too. Come on, your country needs you.


  1. Very true. I am trying to speak to all my firends progressive and conservative alike. I am even contemplating running for congress myself as we have a staunch progressive right now "Martin Heinrich" in NM. Can anyone help with sites that may have things to be done locally? Even small things?

  2. Way to go Ron! What are you looking for specifically? I can help find you resources.

  3. I would like to get involved in a more grass roots effor to get someone specific elected or conservative outreach type of things. At this moment I am pretty clueless. I only know that it we've all sat idly by while the progressives have destroyed God in this country along with our God given rights. It may be too late now but I must do something.

  4. The whole thing about me running for congress is more just contemplation. The left would destroy me as a candidate. Too much promiscuity within different realms of my life growing up.

  5. Ron - one of Alinsky's standard tactics is character destruction. Last year I posted a 2 part piece on how to counter Alinsky tactics. Everyone has skeletons because nobody's anywhere near perfect. But I understand if you are intimidated - that's natural. In that case, find a good candidate and do everything you can with your money and time to support them. And if they have skeletons come out don't waver or flinch - nobody's perfect.

  6. Will do. I think about it more and more every day. All I know is we must all do something this is another revolution! Not with guns but GUMPTION! I will do what I can. Liberty was pretty much the only guarantee you got as an American in the beginning and that was the only guarantee we needed. We must restore the priceless worth of liberty within the American people again!

  7. Very well said Ron. Keep me posted on where your efforts go and I will be glad to help promote them.


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