March 19, 2010

More reason to be cheerful

Those darn obstructionist Republicans should be earning your respect, they haven't given up like say Charles Krauthammer. For those of you who still think that the GOP doesn't get it, you need to read this.

From Fox News;
Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak, a strident anti-abortion Democrat, is floating a plan to introduce an entirely separate bill -- in addition to the main Senate bill and the House's package of changes -- to tighten restrictions on abortion funding. This would create a whole new set of votes that have to be cast before Congress can finish its work.

On top of that, Republican senators are warning that they will drag out the process of approving the "sidecar" package of changes that House Democrats want to see passed in exchange for their vote on the main Senate bill. Republicans plan to tinker with that bill so that after they're done with it, the House has to take it up again.

If they succeed, it means the health care issue won't go away Sunday -- or even next week. And Democrats who are looking to get beyond the debate, particularly those in moderate or conservative districts, will be dogged by the issue as they enter the high season of campaigning.
Yet one more reason to keep going.  

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