March 11, 2010

News Flash for the White House: The Disengaged Aren't Disengaged

Check out this guy's concise recent rant on some of President Obama's comments.

Notice he mentions he is sick of hearing about politics? [Disengaged] Yet he is smart enough to separate what Obama complains about from his own opinions of the President's bad policy ideas. [Engaged] From what I can tell, this guy is a stylist in D.C. Not to stereotype, but if you've lost this guy, the wheels have come off the hybrid.

By the way, this guy makes a lot of sense. Democrats, if you think people are stupid enough to continue to fall for the Obama guile [Disengaged], you are really doomed. People are angry [Engaged] - at your policy ideas. And guess what else - they see through you [Engaged] . If you can't reconcile with that (and I hope you can't), then you can't win. Period. Democrats: [Disengaged]

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