March 25, 2010

55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill

According to the latest Rasmussen data, 55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill. That's not surprising given that it's about the same percentage as were against it in the first place.  Here's my concern - this has been an intense, time consuming and energy draining battle.  Some of the intensity and the energy that was amassed against this government power grab will wane.  It will wane between now and November and it will wane between now and 2013 when the bill, now law, kicks into high gear.

The question is how much will wane?  And how much of the Obama approval spike, primarily among Democrats according to pollsters, will last through the same time frames?  Obama's previous political popularity bumps have been quite short-lived.  This one may last longer - no doubt the overall decline will continue, but slightly abated.

Republicans cannot count on the passage of the health care bill and the continued unemployment rate and Democrat arrogance to carry the day for them. Those will all help, but coasting to the finish line means winning 20 seats in Congress and 3 in the Senate, foregoing the possibility of aggressively seeking 50 seats and 10 seats respectively.  While those latter numbers may not be achievable, they should be the goal.  Now is the time for the GOP to double down on it's efforts just like the Democrats did on health care.

It means finding more than just the repeal argument to appeal to the voters.  More will be demanded, so more must be offered.  Not in terms of goodies, in terms of fixes to the countries economic perils.  As the Nike slogan goes, Just Do It.

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