March 28, 2009

Irony - Thy Name is Obama

If you're far on the left, your Obama swoon has to be sputtering a bit more today. Reuters is reporting today that not only is Obama ramping up efforts in Afghanistan but he's saying that Al Qaida there is plotting new attacks on the United States.

Fear monger! He's using a non-threat to justify this hostile foreign activity.

He said the U.S. military in Afghanistan would shift the emphasis of its mission to training and expanding the Afghan army so that it could take the lead in counter-insurgency operations and allow U.S. troops to eventually return home.

Well that could take years! Where's the exit strategy? This is Iraq all over again!

Obama said his new strategy had a "clear and focused goal" -- to disrupt, dismantle and eventually defeat al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Oh, that is so different than what President Bush wanted to do in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly he has a better plan.

"To me it looks like very much the Bush strategy for Iraq in 2006, which focused on kinetic operations to try to kill or capture al Qaeda and handing responsibility to Iraqi security forces, and that ended up with a fiasco," said Christopher Schnaubelt, an analyst at NATO Defense College in Rome.

"It's going to take a lot longer to train up the Afghan army and police than the administration would recognize. They are already having trouble getting volunteers now. How they get new recruits, I don't think they've figured out yet."

Obama set no timetable for the strategy, but he said the United States would not "blindly stay the course" and would set benchmarks for the Afghan government to crack down on corruption and ensure it used foreign aid to help its people.

It will take decades. He has no timetable for defeat, er, withdrawal! This is no different than President Bush!

While I agree with a surge in Afghanistan, thereby having to grudgingly put one solitary check mark in the O column, it still stands against about 60 x's in the bad idea column for him. And I am tickled pink that those on the left who assailed the Bush efforts are now seeing the same strategies being put in play by their own hero, President Obama. It must be driving them crazy.

And then there's Code Pink. Oh, wait, they're too busy condemning Israel to bother with Obama, whom they must still ADORE. I guess, given that he's going to solve every ill in the world, Code Pink has had to go look elsewhere for it's villains;

That is, when they aren't calling the US Marines war criminals. Truly heinous, ladies, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you stuck to your original principles you'd have the stones to treat President Obama with the same disrespect and contempt you showed President Bush.

As much as Cindy Sheehan is a tool, at least she is standing by her principles - the rest of you on the left, for refusing to condemn the actions you so virulently condemned mere months ago, are hypocrites. You are so blinded by partisanship you cannot see the truth for what it is: A WAR ON TERROR. Not an Overseas Contingency Operation. Don't be obtuse. And either Bush was right, or Obama is now wrong. You can't have it both ways.



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