March 20, 2009

Keep Hope Alive

With all the body hits the American economy is taking; with the impending advent of a socialist utopia brought on by an idealist and ultra-liberal President and a myopic, lazy, emotionally invested press; with the spread of radical fundamentalist Islamic jihad around the world; with the growing swagger of tinpot socialists like Chavez and dictatorial autocrats like Putin; with the growing threat of Chinese imperialism; and with all the other threats to liberty both internal and external to the United States, it's important to remember a few things.

The United States is bigger than one man - even if that man is the President. And it's bigger than a Democrat steamroller trying to push every conceivable liberal notion down the collective throats of Americans. You can always defeat these ideas if you really want to do so. You need to keep the pressure up on those in power. You need to go to Tea Parties. You need to talk to those who are still star-struck by this reckless President.

And most importantly, you need to keep hope alive. Yes, that's co-opting the words of Jesse Jackson, but hope knows no boundaries, so deal with it liberals.

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