March 7, 2009

Excuse us Chris, if we don't take your advice.

Chris Matthews, and Bob Shrum try to keep the Rush meme in the public eye. Excuse us Chris, Bob, if we don't take your advice to distance the party from Rush.

He doesn't speak for every Republican on every issue. BUT, a whole lot of what he says makes a whole lot of sense.

As for Rush - his ratings were up prior to the current melee with Democrats. Despite the fearful and doubtful response from Media Matters, this is going to drive them even higher.

So thanks liberals, but no thanks. If you are thinking we're driving our audience away, you'd be keeping your mouths shut. But you aren't so we know you're scared.

Let conservatives run the conservative party, you guys concentrate on trying to come up with more silly ideas and nominating cartoon characters to administration positions, okay?

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