March 26, 2009

Mentioned on Conservative Grapevine

John Hawkins put this site as site of the day on Conservative Grapevine. I'm flattered/stunned/excited!

Wow, I wasn't expecting this - I would have prepared a speech or at least a few more interesting posts that I'd been working on.

I'd like to thank the Academy for giving us loads of liberal Hollywood types to goof on. I'd like to thank the Obama administration for goofing up everything they touch and again, giving conservative bloggers a boat load of material to work with.

Seriously though, thanks to John Hawkins for putting my site as site of the day on Conservative Grapevine. You'll notice on the blog roll on the left, that Right Wing News is something I consider essential reading.

Thanks John!

Oh, and Obama is lying to you, Global Warming is a sham, and he is less than 3 degrees of separation from Saul Alinsky (the communist) and DON'T FALL for nationalized health care - it sucks!!!!

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