March 19, 2009

Dodd - blood in the water

I had started writing a blog post entitled "Dodd-ering denial" yesterday with the line:

"Senator Chris Dodd; deny, deny, deny. When you talk Senator, you keep digging the hole."

I didn't finish the post and thought I'd pick up on it today. Little did I realize I'd have to re-write the entire post except for that line. It's relevant because the Senator has backtracked and is now openly admitting that he added a bonus provision. Even CNN went so far as to call Senator Dodd a liar. CNN. Now they took down the video but it's available on Youtube (H/T Hot Air)

His answers were long and torturous to listen to, probably partly because he's a windbag and partly because he's trying to obfuscate.

Previously I would have viewed this as an Obama administration distraction but there's blood in the water and the sharks need to consume this piece of chum. Dodd himself is trying to blame the administration for forcing the issue. He needs to be pressed on it and pressed HARD. Either he's at fault, the administration is at fault or both are. In either case those who have the means to ask have the responsibility to find out where the fault lies. If Dodd is made out to be the fall guy, my suspicion is he will try to save his own skin and let loose on Geithner.

And if the dirt starts to fly, there will be casualties. As there should be. This may be a distraction tactic, or turned into one- particularly if they try to lay all of the blame at the feet of Dodd. But for conservatives even if Dodd is the only casualty, it's a big win. But it seems to me this would be a foothold to go after more - Barney Frank comes to mind, along with Geithner. Perhaps the trail will be strong enough to lead back to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not to mention the idea of bills being passed by Congress and signed into law with undue haste being a black mark on Democrats and the administration. Perhaps it can put the brakes on all the "change" without deliberation.

They stopped President Bush's social security reform, we can stop a health care boondoggle (again).

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