March 22, 2009

Bank Bailouts - HANDS OFF!!

To the Democrats: You chose to bail them out, which means you chose to allow them to act in what they believe is their own best interest. If you reward failure then failure will continue.

However, government bailouts should not come with strings. Either you believe lending money to financial institutions will help them to stabilize or you don't. The government does not run AIG, Citi or Chase. Nor should they. Leave the banks alone to manage their bailout funds or don't lend them the money. You don't own them and America is not a Soviet system. At least not yet. Government intervention does not solve everything, in fact it usually makes things worse.

To the banks: If you don't want the strings attached with the money, follow the examples of Mark Sanford and Bobby Jindal - just say no. Don't whine. Everybody just man up.

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