March 27, 2009

Just Shut Up, Will You?

President Obama speaks on The Tonight Show and he insults the developmentally challenged, Tim Geithner speaks and the dollar plummets, Hillary Clinton speaks and she blames America for Mexico's drug deaths, Chase Freeman speaks and he blasts Israel, Joe Biden speaks and entertains everyone with, well, his intellectual challenges. Robert Gibbs speaks and sinks even deeper over his head.

People - the best thing you can do for the country is to keep your mouths shut.

That is all.


  1. The scary thing is all of the Bobble-Headed liberals that just go on nodding in agreement

  2. Edward

    Thanks for the comment. By bobble-headed liberals are you refering to those in media or in general?

    I agree by the way - thye aren't stopping to reflect on an issue by issue basis if what is being said makes the slightest bit of sense. If they were doing so, they wouldn't be bobble-heading. (new verb?)

    Conservatives at times are guilty of the same sins, BUT by it's very basis conservatism requires that you analyze before concluding; how does this issue fit with my belief system? Not at a gut level but at a rational level. Conservatives for example fought Bush over amnesty for illigal immigrants, and Harriet Myers. I wouldn't expect to see that from Obama supporters, at least not yet. Only Cindy Sheehan and 12 others seem to be protesting a surge in Afghanistan for example.

    I visited your website and found it interesting. I've seen that test before and I'm not sure the plotting of certain people is truly reflective of where they stand historically or personally. Although the quadrant idea makes for a great visualization and is definitely a great context for analysis.

    As defined in your classic liberal case, regarding individual liberty most conservatives are by that definition, classically liberal. The problem is that in modern society the terms liberal and conservative have taken on different meanings than their historical ones. Therefore redefining the labels, classically, will undoubtedly cause some confusion.


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