March 16, 2009

Chomsky on Buckley

Ever the classy liberal, Noam Chomsky, speaking on the passing of William F. Buckley, manages to attack and defame not only Buckley (repeatedly), but Reagan, Bush and the notoriously nebulous neo-conservatives.

If you can't say something nice, Mr. Chomsky, shut the hell up.


  1. Actually, milord, Chomsky gives Buckley a big compliment. "By todays standards Buckley looks pretty moderate , I suppose"

    By not equating Buckley to the neo conservatives (who support the Iraq war and Tea paty types) hes doing him a great service. Buckley would be ashamed to be part of this conservative moment. The long con movement as I like to call it.

    1. That is a backhanded compliment at best and I'm not sure it was Chomsky's intent.

      You also imply that Tea Party types are an unintelligent monolith and have a single view on issues, which is patently untrue. The Tea Party is not what has been portrayed in the media. Sure, there are kooks in the movement but there are also plenty of intelligent people with reasoned views on government over-reach, the perils of national debt and liberty.

      While Buckley may have not agreed with every element of the Tea Party, he certainly would identify with the reasoned elements presented, and then misrepresented by the mainstream media.


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