March 28, 2009

Earth Hour: A message to tree huggers.

Yes, and I'm posting on the Internet, which means I'm on my computer. Which means I'm an Earth Hour heretic.


It would seem Google is still up and running. And MSN, and Yahoo. And the Television networks are still broadcasting. Restaurants and gas stations and stores are still open. At least where I am.

Maybe you, who turned off the Internet and everything electrical or just happen to live in a cave already, were Earth Hour compliant, BUT I refuse to be.

There is no global warming as it's being told to you. There is climate change, but it's happened for millions of years and our footprint as a species is infinitesimal, you self-important fools. The earth is not in crisis.

Electricity could be much cheaper and yes, cleaner, if you'd just accept clean, potentially abundant nuclear energy.

There is nothing you can do sitting at home and turning off your electricity that will help ensure the water is cleaner.

Beyond recycling, landfills have always been part of humanity. For example, the notion that the Native Indians used 100% of everything they hunted, fished or foraged is silly. They didn't use or recycle 100% and neither can we. Do you really think the Native Indians never had anything they didn't need or couldn't use? If you do, then you are extremely naive. Besides, everything man made came originally from natural resources. Even plastic will eventually bio-degrade, we've just lengthened the cycle. Given time, the earth will recycle everything. If not, the universe will. We are relatively inconsequential in the big scheme of global impact.

Most importantly, I'm not ignoring Earth Hour as a sort of right wing protest, I'm ignoring it because I'm not ready to go back to living in a log cabin, grinding flour in a grist mill powered by the local stream, using a cotton loom to make my shirts and hunt and grow my own food. I'm not interested in using candles for lighting and a bow and arrow to fend off roaming grizzly bears.

I like my car (it's domestic by the way, not a Japanese hybrid), I like the Internet, I like television. I enjoy central heating and having working defibrillators at hospitals. I like that I can fly to Aruba (okay, I can't afford it right now, but I like that I have the option available to me). I like that antibiotics exist. I like that the police have guns and that the military is equipped to defend not only the United States but the entire Western World. I like having durable shoes when I go outside of my house. I don't care if they are made from leather, rubber, plastic or steel. As long as I don't cut my foot because I'm walking around in moccasins.

By the way, I love eating meat, especially red meat. I don't do it all the time because it can get unhealthy. But I'm not about to restrict myself to a vegan diet because I love all the fluffy cows or I can't eat sea-kittens. I like animals, but I also like to eat some of them. I have nothing against cows, pigs or chickens. I would not be mean to one I saw say, standing on a street corner. But they taste great. Either God made them that way on purpose or else they evolved with a major, major flaw - tastiness. Take your pick.

Here's a suggestion for those of you who disagree with me on this - go try to live the Cro-Magnon lives you espouse and see how quickly you are shocked back into reality and come running back to civilization.

PS - Notice how Al Gore and Al Qaida both start with Al? Coincidence???


  1. It's pathetic how the left here in the USA always bends over backwards and does something after being told for even the most empty gestures like earth hour.

    They want to make true change? Why don't they stop their wasteful materialism. They don't need the latest fashions. Their wasteful electronics dependence. They don't need to change their mp3 players and cell phones every few months. Their wasteful spending. They don't need to waste our money for their bigger government. Massive government only uses more resources.

    For being such progressives the left is about two decades (at least) behind conservative America when it comes to conservation. My guess is that red states use less resources (especially electricity) and recycle more because we don't see environmentalism as a fad. It's naturally a part of our lives because we don't think about it. We just naturally conserve.

    Conservation and Conservative...goes together perfectly :)

  2. I'm a conservative and I have no problem with conservation; my problem is with government mandates on conservation.

    As for Earth Hour, I think it would be a fine thing to do, if it weren't for the politicizing that goes along with it. It's not a BAD thing to turn off the lights for an hour, or to consider the ecological impact of one's actions; but when, by turning off the lights for an hour, I am in some way saying to the global community that GOVERNMENT should be involved in more of my life, that is a bad thing in my opinion.

    And I disagree that red states probably conserve more than blue states, but red states probably conserve more voluntarily than people in blue states who are required to do so by law.

  3. Interesting comments both, thank you. I still contend that there is a sea of difference between conservation and Earth in the Balance type hyperbole.

    The latter is at least naive and at worst, patently deceitful.


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