March 22, 2009

Forbes List 2009 Best Countries For Business

Forbes has released its 2009 list of Top Countries for Business.  The good news - the United States climbed 2 spots to #2.  The bad news -  in the following segment they discuss the riskiest countries to business in, they mention the United States as one.  Certainly not on the level of a Russia, but they cite the risk of anti-manufacturing winds associated with cap and trade policies, and a Democratic congress that could have some very anti-business stances.

The list:

1.  Denmark (1)
2.  United States (4)
3.  Canada (7)
4.  Singapore
5.  New Zealand
6.  United Kingdom
7.  Sweden
8.  Australia
9.  Hong Kong
10. Norway

Other notables, Russia dropped 17 spots to number 103

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