March 16, 2009

Ginsberg vacancy problematic

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has hinted that there may be a vacancy at the Supreme Court soon. She did not indicate which Justice may be leaving, however one would suspect she's a distinct possibility.
It's problematic for conservatives who can expect a very liberal replacement nominee from President Obama. It's problematic for the President since his nomination record since his inauguration has been abysmal.
However, issue can be taken with the wording of vacancy. Justice Ginsberg has been less than stellar in the role on the court, given her very leftward leaning interpretation of the Constitution. That in itself, while wrong, counter-productive to America, counter-productive to the rule of law and aiding in leading the United States down a self-destructive path, is not enough to take issue with the wording chosen in the article.
Why is saying a vacancy is coming on the Supreme Court at issue? Her role has been vacant for quite some time already.

That's helpful Justice Ginsberg. Keep it up.
When the courtroom artist has time to capture you napping, you know it's a long, long nap.

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