March 25, 2009

Capitalism is DEAD.

According to former CNN reporter turned progressive radio nut job, Mike Malloy, capitalism is dead. Apparently it had been killed and run into the ground by the "Limbaugh-types" that "ran" capitalism.

If ever there was a lack of understanding of capitalism it's this wagon wheel. Mike - buy a vowel; the hippies all died off or went to live in caves. The modern day socialist kook not yet in the Obama administration has no place in society. Buh bye.

That someone can get on the radio and spout this garbage, while sickening, should steel your conservative resolve that 2010 is a must in for conservatives. Progressives believe that socialism is the end-point for the Obama administration.

Some of the take-aways from this; CNN clearly has no liberal slant and has done due diligence in hiring this avowed socialist/Marxist *sarcasm*. Obama is steering us towards socialism if the socialists are to be believed (or, he's hoodwinked them too), and vitriol on the left is alive and well.

Oh, and capitalism is not dead you idiot.

A couple of other quick footnotes about Malloy;

-he worked at CNN as a news writer from 1984 to 1987 and was on CNN's Talkback Live
-he's an avowed atheist
-let go from WSB in Atlanta, left WLS in Chicago, fired by Air America before it went bankrupt
-his "show" is currently clinging to self-syndication life support.


  1. These people who think Capitalism is dead, never knew what Capitalism was to begin with. They are all idiots..and socialists.

  2. I think we're headed more for fascism than socialism--the business takeover tactics are more Mussolini than Stalin. It's kind of an irrelevant distinction, though, since the end result is the same--massive government control, universal poverty and misery, and concentration camps for dangerous thought-criminals like you and I.

  3. Joanna - I should have posted a warning about how stomach churning the guy was. Agreed, he just does not understand what capitalism is, nor apparently freedom of choice.

  4. Austin - I think the Democrats objectives are still socialist, but their methodology in getting there does resemble more of a fascist approach. Good point.

    The end point is bad no matter what.

  5. Sadly, he's closer to the truth than you. When capitalists go on their knees to plead for money from leftist politicians -if it's not dead, why the emergency transfusion.

    As a past teacher and a past stockbroker (managed a small office for a wall street firm) I can tell you that the teachers don't understand economics, the students don't understand it, and most adults appear to be ignorant of our market systems contribution to our once free society.
    When they vote blindly for faux images subtitled hope and change it's over. When hardly a one shows concern in either party about encroachment of basic and fundamental necessities for freedom and markets, such as loss of individual ownership of property (think of capitalism without privately owned property) such as the Kelo decision, it's over. Time to bury it and pray (while you're allowed to)

  6. Capitalism is not dead unless you let it be dead. Perhaps it's in a very sickly state: there are plenty of people, I agree, who don't know any better than to vote for glitz. But there are also plenty who care about things like the Kelo decision, the Bill of Rights Ammendments, and free market capitalism.

    Imagine if the country were to be geographically split in two with socilists getting one section and capitalists getting the other as an experiment in economics. Guess which one would thrive - the one on the right.


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